Question of the Day: How are you teaching your kids to make good, quality friends?

The sky was a perfect blue. It was an atypical warm winter day.

We’d been at the playground for less than 10 minutes.

I stood alone, watching and breathing deep as other parents stood in small circles clearly in a mom’s group. A few others stood alone themselves.

On their next turn around, my daughters were being chased. Smiles as big as rainbows beamed across their faces.




In the car, breathless, I hear these words.

“I was playing tag. I made a friend.”

This is how kids make friends with perfect strangers.

It is much harder for adults.

Even harder for some mothers, it seems.

I created The Abundant Mama Project and village to be that creative, supportive community that so many lack in real life– to give them what I know so many need.

They say that it takes a village to raise a child.

That’s not entirely true.

Many of us are doing it on our own, without a village, at least not in real life.

In fact, it takes a village to raise a mother.

A village that understands.

A village that offers unbridled support and love.

A village that’s been there — a few times!

A village that’s not afraid to look out for your best interest.

This week, I hope you gave thought to the concept of making connections. Either by reaching out to someone online or in real life. A connection is a connection as long as it’s from your heart.

I was inspired by this video below. Please watch it.

This kind of ball pit dating is what we do in the Abundant Mama village — except without the balls! We share our dreams. We share our goals. We share our worries.

And we’re all strangers — seeking connection.

Strangers running around, giggling and supporting each other like whoa.

Let’s stretch ourselves and make new connections and see where it takes us.

There’s only 24 hours left to join in on the next The Abundant Mama Project. We set sail on our journey on Monday.

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