Seven years ago, I was working a high-profile job for a well-known politician.

There was office drama.

There was pressure to be perfect.

There was a lot of doing for others.

And slowly over the course of two years, I saw myself become less confident, less creative and less motivated in my life.

I felt small.

I felt lost.

I felt like nothing.

I longed to feel confident again. I longed to be creative. I longed to find MY purpose.

My purpose beyond motherhood. My purpose beyond working for “the man.” My purpose that would allow for flexibility and creativity.

So I went to the local coffeeshop every day for more than a year and I wrote/scribbled/filled hundreds of pages of notes. I researched. I took online classes. I read blog posts.

Eventually, I started a blog.

The blog became popular — you’re reading it now.

I wrote a book.

And then I created and sold my first program — The Abundant Mama Project,– where I truly found my purpose and mission in life — to work with women around the world on being more present, more peaceful and more playful in their everyday lives.

Now, I can’t help but wonder if there’s still something READY TO SHINE inside of me a bit more. And I’m ready to start digging again — to unearth the next dream that lives within me.

Introducing my newest program –> SoulShine: Finding Your Purpose Beyond Motherhood.

This program is literally going to walk you through those same prompts I used to write those hundreds of pages of notes that I scribbled in that coffee shop years ago that led to the clarity I needed to reclaim my space and place in the world.

And I’ll offer it to YOU in a nice tidy package over six weeks — which would have been super nice back then. 🙂

Together, we’re going to figure out what makes us shine.

SoulShine is going to help you fill that hole that seems to gnaw at you day after day after day.

How Does SoulShine Work?

SoulShine is a six-week online eCourse designed to be done in “weekly one-hour creative soul-care dates” you can create for yourself at home, in a local cafe or out in nature.

Each week during the online course, you’ll receive …

  • An Abundant Mama email with a short audio lesson for the week (15 minutes or less)
  • A self-discovery journaling workbook that includes all your dig deep journaling prompts
  • A creative “hands-on” activity that will offer some play time in your week
  • A “Get Moving” assignment to get you out of your head and put some movement into your thought process and dreams while you live your life.

The Early Bird Registration price of $149 starts today.

AND –> if you register in the next 48 hours you will receive exclusive and instant access to my “Be You Online Retreat” with several workshops on finding your confidence, creating self-care fence posts, creating a home that feels authentic to YOU and more. (Value $199) This special gift ends this Friday at noon.

This session of SoulShine will include THREE group coaching calls (these will be recorded and you’ll have many opportunities to ask questions) with me to help you really dig in and make sure you are doing the work and getting closer to your purpose. Call times will be at 1 p.m. EST. Attendance is NOT required as these are support calls, not coursework. **A BONUS kickoff party will happen on August 20 at 1 p.m. with a couple extra prizes.

—-> READY TO RECLAIM YOUR SHINE? To learn more about SoulShine and if it’s right for you — as well as a breakdown of all 6 modules — GO HERE.




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