This brand new weekly post is my chance at sharing more about things that delight and inspire me in my work, in motherhood and in life. I’ll share totally random recipes, books, videos, podcasts and anything else that delights me and inspires me! 

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What I’m finding DELIGHT in this week!

This makes so much sense on why we are so busy all the time!  No wonder I’m always a little down when there’s not that much to do.

Oh I LOVE that this gives me a really good reason to keep journaling! I write so much by hand I bought a 7-year pen. (affiliate links) And one for each of my daughters, too. Gotta start them early! (I bought the one with a mermaid, and my daughters have a piano and a feather. These are rather addicting — and they write well!)

What is Inspiring Me this Week!

First, if you are struggling with waking up early before the kids WATCH THIS video. And, here’s another way to use this — offer the idea to our slow-moving child — the one that can’t figure out what to wear or who doesn’t want to do their chores or homework.

Can you make art AND be a mother?  Not only is the answer yes but a recent study mentioned in this article from The Atlantic says women become MORE creative after motherhood. I am a testament to this! I didn’t start really being a creative soul until after my daughters were born. And then I was on fire and have been ever since.

“In this period of extreme pressure, when mothers are going through massive changes in their bodies, diets, and hormones,” Jung hypothesized, “that is when creativity should emerge as a highly adaptive reasoning process,” according to Rex Jung.

Always afraid your kiddos are going to get hurt? Me, too! I wish I had used a few of these statements when they were younger so they would be less cautious now. But at least YOU can do better than I did.

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