The core of my family wellness coaching work is around parenting the parent and mothering the mother.

Quite simply, at the heart of what I really do, is this: I help women create peaceful family practices to bring ease and joy into a home.

My primary goal is always to help a busy moms develop total presence in their lives so they can be awake for the beauty of motherhood and parenting — and life.

The truth is that now, after 13 years of parenting, I feel ready to declare my skills more confidently.

I have mothered through some seriously challenging moments. Moments that I will continue to keep private and out of the public realm but moments that have taught me a lifetime of what it means to show up in LOVE for our children to empower them to be their best selves and to offer ourselves the kind of grace, self-love and compassion that we need to endure the many struggles of raising children.

Today marks the first of 13 episodes on this topic of parenting that I’m releasing into the world through The Abundant Mama Show Podcast.

My perspective on parenting will always be on mothering the mother and parenting the parent.

Because at the end of the day we must always be willing to learn and grow in order to be the best parent to our children. The second we stop growing and think we know everything is the very second we’ll lose our children’s trust.

This first episode is primary and the foundation for The Abundant Mama Project Online Program and has always been … and will continue to be the hallmark of my work with mothers.

Check it out — the first lesson of 13 parenting lessons.

Listen now.


Inside this Episode

  • 13 Parenting Lessons in 13 Years of Parenting Introduction.
  • What it means to mother the mother and parent the parent.
  • The Super Secret No. 1 Lesson.
  • Twin parenting/solo parenting challenges.
  • Loneliness in motherhood.
  • Owning your path to motherhood and your parenting style.
  • Where Your True Power exists in parenting
  • What happens when we learn to trust ourselves as parents.
  • Why I stopped reading ALL parenting books.
  • What we have to stop in order to trust ourselves.

Resources inside this Episode

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