Important vs. Urgent.

This is the story of our lives.

I’m ALL about living fully — it’s the basis behind every single program that I offer. 

What I”m not all about is the tight breathing, stress and feelings of a heart-pounding in my chest because I may not get to it all. Whatever IT ALL even means.

Do you know that state of stress? The one where we sit in feelings of agitation, feeling scattered and perhaps a bit grouchy and in the Land of Bitter and Sour …

And sometimes we don’t even know WHY?

We can assume it has a lot to do with the fact that we’re still too busy trying to be over-achievers, right?

Welcome to Modern Day Motherhood where not only are we expected to do more than ever … but we expect to have time for more than ever as well.

As long as we’re OK with trying to do it all — and then some — we’re going to hit overwhelm head on at least now and then. Perhaps even often. Perhaps even daily.

Important vs. Urgent

In my work as a family wellness coach, I work with women like you who are overwhelmed.

Stressed. Busy beyond belief … to get crystal clear on two things.

  1. What is urgent.
  2. What is important.

—> The urgent are the things like the dryer is broken or a child is sick.

—> The important is I want to exercise more or write a novel or start a business.

Getting clear on what is important vs. urgent is one of the simplest ways to decide what should remain on your to-do list and what should not.

When we finally know that difference we start to make life changing decisions that impact our whole family — and ourselves.

We start to create more time for what matters. We start to LIVE rather than plan or stress about living.

I love seeing overwhelmed moms share their stories of transformation with me … when they share that moment of JOY with me that they finally get it — they are finally mastering life management, rather than time management.

That’s what happens when you finally get clear and focused on what the essentials are in your busy life.

  • You finally feel free.
  • You finally feel like you no longer have to hold the world up on your own.
  • You feel ENOUGH even when you don’t do every single thing on your list.

Because it’s not HOW MUCH you cram into your life.

It’s about making every single powerful moment of every single amazing day count.

And for some of us that is a bigger dream — a purpose beyond motherhood — that takes us up and out of our motherhood role and into our own creativity.

And for others it’s about just wanting to keep things super simple and meaningful.

Whatever it is for you, now is the time to start really figuring out what is important vs. urgent for YOU.

And then stay super clear on the important tasks you need to be making space for in your day.

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