In my work with Abundant Mamas around the world the last five years, one thing has been very clear: building a mindful marriage is at the heart of everything we need and want to be doing.

But there’s so little time to make it happen.

This is by far one of the most common frustrations I hear from my clients in the Abundant Mama program.

And for the past two years, I’ve been working behind-the-scenes with them to change this very pattern.

I’m super happy to announce that I will be hosting a FREE webinar called Create Your Mindful Marriage Philosophy very soon. Grab your seat now.

In celebration of this new shift in the Abundant Mama journey, I interviewed Vienna Pharaon for the Abundant Mama Show podcast. Vienna is a family and marriage therapist in New York and a great speaker on many topics related to marriage and family life.

I love how she talks about tears and repairs in a marriage, especially.

She offers a strategy for healing that goes like this:

Let down.

Step back.

Calm down.


Communicate effectively.

But perhaps the best advice in this show is this: Start off soft.

This is a great conversation perfect for any woman who wants to put more energy back into her marriage after putting all of her energy into raising her children.

I especially love her tips in this episode on sharing fears — something that I think we don’t talk nearly enough about in our relationships.

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Inside this Episode

Vienna’s website

Vienna’s Instagram account — with great advice.

The Happy Couple to Joyful Family Class on Motherly  — $79

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Ideas for Building a Mindful Marriage While Raising Children

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