My best friend locally sent me a text a few weeks ago after some very trying times … “apparently we can only do hard things this year.”

I LOL’d at that text for hours.

It felt very true.

I think at the time I was trying to switch our girls back to their home school after a total fail at trying full-time cyber school. There was stress and paperwork and waiting. So. much. waiting.

In my work as a life coach who specializes in highly sensitive moms, I have witnessed first hand the devastation that is unfolding on women right now. The challenges that mothers are facing as this global pandemic hits women the hardest are many.

So let me say right now this week’s Thrive in the Pandemic Challenge is for you if you are one of the women who has …

  • Lost your job
  • Lost hours at work
  • Had to quit your job to educate your kids
  • Gotten sick and are still recovering (a long hauler)
  • Feel lonely and afraid of what’s happening in our world
  • Had to figure out how to find child care
  • Realized you are in a struggling marriage
  • Been labeled a mean mom for having to say no to the fun stuff your child wants to do
  • Felt exhausted by the time you wake up in the morning due to lack of free time
  • Had to face a severe mental health crisis because of the pandemic
  • Gotten angry at the unfairness of how women are carrying the weight of this crisis

If any of these fit your personal circumstances at all … You are not alone.

I wish I could use a magic wand and take all of this away. I wish there was a text book for how to get through 2020. But, here’s the thing: Thriving is the choice you must make. (See How to Thrive in a Pandemic Part One)

I literally have been helping women thrive under extreme stress and in utter chaos for 20 years. In many ways, motherhood has prepared us for 2020 and this pandemic and economic upheaval.

You can do this.

You can thrive in this chaotic, messy time in your life history.

To help you know what you need to do to thrive, I want to help you see that you already have what you need to do hard things, I have a powerful prompt for you. Write it out. Think it out on a walk. Or meditate to it.

Here’s the prompt for you: Think back to a time in your past (pre-2020) when you were under a huge amount of stress. What did you do to persevere in that time? Write it all out on paper and see what you can learn from that time in your past.

I have a lot of hard moments stories from my life but the one that I constantly return to again and again as a reminder that I can do hard things was the year I became a mother of twins.

I was mostly alone during that first year and despite having very little support, I managed to thrive and endure using mindfulness, gratitude and powerful personal development tools that led to the sparks that created The Abundant Mama Project. In other words, my resiliency at that time has literally helped thousands of other women do hard things. Wow.

And now, 15 years later, my work has evolved and up-leveled so much and I can serve more women in more powerful and strategic ways. All because I had what I needed to endure those really long days and sleepless nights of two crying, beautiful infants growing and developing in 2006.

How about you? What’s your HARD moment story? What got you through?

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Shawn Fink (she/her/hers)

Speaker + Life & Well-Being Coach

Founder of The Abundant Mama Project

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