The other evening on my daily wellness walk on a pretty remote, wooded path, the light slipped away faster than I thought.

I’m strong. I can do this, I told myself.

I kept walking.

Until a flash of movement caught my eye in the woods. A deer, I thought.

So I backtracked a few steps to peer joyfully into the woods, certain a deer standing in stillness would peer back at me as usual.

Except it wasn’t a deer.

It was something with beady eyes and thick fur.

A fox? A coyote?

My heart raced and in a fit of panic I walked forward — which is not toward the exit — and could only take the longer way around which meant more time near the beady eyed creature.

I can do this. I can do hard things. I set out on a mission to make the end of the walk enjoyable not scary.

And I did. I kept walking as the darkness set in and the creatures began to take over. I stood face to face with some deer. I watched bunnies hop into their hutches. I called my husband. 🙂

And when I walked out of the darkness into the parking lot lights, I was thrilled at my perseverance.

An invitation: What if you decided today that thriving in this pandemic is your only mission? That there is no other way out but to thrive?

That is exactly what I set out to do on Day 1 back on March 13 when the world shut down. (My daily walks are a part of that mission).

And I’ve been traveling blindly in the dark to figure out what works (for me) since I’ve never been through a pandemic before.

Now it’s your turn.

To figure out what works for you. To figure out how to do hard things.

So … where do you begin to thrive in a Pandemic?

Hopefully by now you have downloaded your copy of my wellness wheel inventory — it’s FREE — and you know what’s working and what’s not. (If you haven’t taken the inventory, please head over and grab it now!)

And so the secret to thriving begins with choosing.

Choosing to thrive.

Choosing to make life a little better each day.

Choosing to persevere even when things feel tricky or downright awful.

That’s it.

That’s the first step.

Are you in?

I’ll be sharing a few more tips this week on How to Thrive in a Pandemic … I hope you’ll stick around to soak up that goodness.

In Gratitude & Peace,

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Shawn Fink (she/her/hers)

Speaker + Life & Well-Being Coach

Founder of The Abundant Mama Project

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