The thing I love about children is their intense desire to live in the moment and always choose what makes THEM happy.

They do this at the cost of others, sometimes.

They do this like it’s their J-O-B.

We can learn from that.

Recently, we had a clog in our kitchen sink. It was a slow drain to start so we tried all the things that all th DIYers try … to no avail.

We knew there was a problem and, frankly, we ignored it far too long and then our quick fixes just didn’t work.

Flow is a theme that our beautiful Abundant Mama alumni community and I worked on heavily last month and as soon as the kitchen sink was flowing again, I felt immense relief.

I cleaned the sink. Washed the mound of dishes that had been piling up from our inability to use the sink. I made things shine and sparkle.

The flow felt really good.

But I realized I had my own clog. A clog I had been noticing was there but ignoring. It was a clog that was draining ME of my creative energy and intuition and my super powers as the Abundant Mama.

How to Recognize When it's Time to Let Go and Move On


How to Recognize When it’s Time to Let Go and Move On

When the water in my kitchen started flowing, the clog in me was noticed and I realized later that day I had to do something about it.

That is why I’m announcing to you that I am putting The Abundant Mama Show Podcast on hiatus … indefinitely. We might return in the fall. We might not.

But here’s what I know.

Something felt very off for me for a long time and I just didn’t know what it was … or I wasn’t ready to listen. I knew I didn’t listen to podcasts myself. I’m not an audio-learner. I’m visual. Writing is my thing. WORDS are my thing. Images are my thing.

And I knew that deep connections with my community — YOU — is totally my thing.
But what I only recently realized since making this decision is that a podcast is one-sided … or two sided, if there’s guests and it’s not true connection with YOU. And then I realized it’s also me NOT being in my element — me not choosing JOY.

But this is bigger than me quitting my podcast.

  • You might be in a relationship — the parent of your children — who is holding you back and clogging YOUR system. But you stay because you should.
  • You might be in a job that is clogging your creative energy. But you stay because you should.
  • You might be in a friendship that is one-sided and clogging your ability to feel nourished and connected. But you take it because you should.

Clogs aren’t just for drains.

They are stuck inside of us and ignored until they become things we just cannot ignore any longer. Sooner or later they HAVE to be addressed.

After leading the 7 Days of No! last week, I realized producing the podcast was a BIG should that I was facing week after week after week. A should that didn’t fill me up, that didn’t bring me the deep connections I need and want in this work of being Abundant Mamas.

A clog inside of us can be just as restrictive and damaging to ourselves as it is on plumbing.

Some of the symptoms I’ve noticed when it’s time to let go and move on include the following:

  • Lack of Motivation
  • Feeling Scattered or Indecisive
  • Questioning Yourself, Your Worth
  • Feeling out of Alignment with You Values
  • Inability to Make Progress Like You Wish

So tell me … what is the one big should hanging over you right now? A should that you aren’t even sure where to begin to let go of and move on? A should that is clogging YOU?

And would making a change allow you to step in your role of choosing what makes you happy?

Listen to the final podcast episode now.





P.S. WHAT YOU CAN EXPECT! This is a thriving, amazing community and it will remain that way. So I’ll be here on the blog more, or in your inbox more, or on Instagram or on Facebook Live.

And I really hope to see you in the ultimate Abundant Mama experience — our community class — where deep connections happen all day long and all week long and we move each other beyond words. We kick off registrations for those on the waitlist in mid-July! (And this is a TOTALLY revamped version of the program, too!)

If you missed the podcast — or didn’t even know it existed — the archives are still up and will remain up so you can catch up on those anytime.

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