Family dinners are one of the greatest ways to connect after a long, busy day. It’s the one chance we have to sit and talk as a family. Experiencing that connection on a daily basis is a great way to foster a strong bond to each other.

And yes the kids can get rather silly at the dinner table. For some, it’s like suddenly being on stage after being just another child at school all day. For tired parents, this behavior can be rather frustrating. And, if the day has been really long, it can feel like torture to sit through. So, we try and just survive, snapping when things are really bad, ignoring the rest.

While you might not be dining in a 4-star restaurant with your children anytime soon I do know that good table manners is important to everyone’s sanity and necessary to foster positive interaction. As I’ve said before, I like happy experiences with my children, not negative ones.

For me, in particular, a quiet dinner is something I really value. I like good conversation while enjoying the food. I like to ask meaningful questions and hear the answers. I like to quiet my mind — usually for the first time all day. Mindful eating is just one of those many things that I try to work on for myself so that I do not over eat or under appreciate the food before us.

In this week’s podcast, I’m sharing some of the ways we’ve been able to create peaceful meal times at our home.

Listen now.

Highlights of this Episode

  • Bringing the real intention to a family meal
  • The struggles with a picky eater
  • Finding the joy in dinner time
  • How to handle a picky eater
  • Bringing positive energy to the dinner table
  • What you should do if kids are misbehaving at the dinner table

Resources Mentioned inside the Episode

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