Marriage identity after children.

It’s tricky stuff.

The life we knew as a young and free couple changes. Life is no longer all about you and your passions and love for each other.

There’s messes. And deadlines. And errands. And did I mention messes?

But’s important to have a couple’s identity — the things — shared values and beliefs — that bring you together and these are the things we work on in my program ReKindle.

It’s also important to have your own identity — which is what this series is going to be digging into over the next few months as I continue this series 14 Lessons on Identity and Purpose after 14 Years of Motherhood.

But for today I really want to focus on the importance of having a marriage identity when raising children. This is harder to do when you have babies or toddlers. But as children get older and more and more independent it’s time to really put a new focus on your marriage. 

Many of my clients say they feel like they have lost the connection in their marriage by the time their children reach school age. 

In ReKindle — my online workshop that offers you the chance to really dig deep on what you want from your marriage now that you are a parent and how to communicate your needs — is really all about helping you establish your NEW couple’s identity now that you are well-established parents.

This week’s podcast episode on The Abundant Mama Show is addressing a really big topic that comes up a lot in my work with women and families — how to really have a COUPLES IDENTITY and be parents at the same time.

Listen now.

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