Women gathered in the kitchen with aprons and loads of food being dished out and shared.

Cousins running around the house, giggling and playing together.

Cookie exchanges. Family traditions.

Football games and appetizers.

It’s that time of year when big family gatherings, feasts and celebrations take over our minds and schedules.

Unless you are a small family with little to no family around to experience any of that with — as many of the moms inside The Abundant Mama Peace Circle have said is the case for them.

The same goes for me.

If you’ve been around here for a while you know that my family moved 650 miles away the year my girls were born. When they first moved, they returned for holidays. They no longer do that and haven’t for about 5 years.

The loss of family celebrations and big meals has been hard on me as I watch my daughters grow up without extended family around on the holidays — and so I’ve had to do a lot of AMPing it UP over the years.

The result is that I’m sharing what I’ve learned from this personal experience in this podcast episode.

This week, I’m talking about the holidays from a small family perspective and how that can leave us feeling lonely — and exhausted from trying to bring too much joy into our family’s lives.

This can make for a feeling of loneliness and drib-drab holiday experience.

And, on top of that, it adds a special level of pressure for a mom to create those kind of special family memories — on her own.

This kind of mental and emotional work can also create a lot of stress on an already busy life.

Over the years, I’ve built a community for moms who experience loneliness in motherhood but I’ve never addressed this topic around the holidays.

In my first episode of a new season of The Abundant Mama Show, I’m offering tips and insight into how to turn this kind of loneliness around the holidays into a joyful celebration.

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  • How does loneliness around the holidays show up?
  • What causes those feelings of loneliness?
  • What does it mean to mother yourself?
  • What is the Savoring Slow Manifesto?
  • How does Gratitude play into this time of year for a small family?
  • What can you do to wave your freak flag this holiday season?
  • AND, the best gift you can ever give won’t be under the tree.


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