When our Mama Funks hit, we’re NOT being our best selves.

We’re affected deeply in all areas of our lives.

Our children are affected.  Creativity is impacted. And, our family life feels the strain and the struggle.

And our own self-care is also affected.

A mama funk essentially sends us spiraling into the Land of Bitter and Sour. More than that, though, it sends us into survival mode rather than thriving mode.

Learning how to bounce back from a mama funk is absolutely the first step to becoming more resilient in our lives as mothers and partners.

In this week’s episode of The Abundant Mama Show I’m leading you through Part Two of Being Resilient in Motherhood and Life.

Part two is all about the patterns we use to climb out of our mama funks in order to bounce back and how sometimes these patterns work and sometimes they don’t and why. Knowing how to bounce back at all is the first step.

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Highlights of this Episode

  • What is a Mama Funk?
  • The Old Patterns of Climbing Out of a Funk
  • How the LOWS impact our lives and family
  • A simple way to recover from a Mama Funk

Resources inside this Episode

The 10 Habits of Highly Effective Mamas

The Abundant Mama Online Program

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