When I talk about mornings with other moms, I often get the eye roll, the one that means a mixture of dread and fantasy — as if mornings could ever be anything but so. very. hard.

Oh, mornings.

There is no doubt, many moms hate mornings with kids. They don’t like the way they go down particularly when they have to get out the door for work or school, or both. Whether you get up early or sleep in late, mornings are filled with opportunity. And what I’ve learned is to love mornings even when I’m pretty sure they won’t be perfect.

I’m talking about perfectly imperfect mornings.

I’m really good at those.

Imperfectly perfect mornings are those mornings when the kids just aren’t cooperating. They won’t eat their breakfast. They decide to change clothes at the last second. They fight over every living detail of the routine. Suddenly, what’s been working and flowing … just. doesn’t. any. longer.

So, no. Those mornings are definitely not perfect.

Except that mornings like this are exactly just what they need to be for that day. They are all we have. They are what we can accept today. They are what we have to worry about right now.

They are today’s gift.

Tomorrow’s gift might be better. Tomorrow’s gift might have more smiles and joy.

But today? We’re just floating along appreciating that today’s moment of grace comes with a side of imperfect. Nothing to write home about. Nothing to brag about at the morning playdate. Nothing to write a blog post about (unless you’re me).

But learning to love these kinds of mornings can be a fun challenge. Certainly your kind smile, or a silly dance might be something that will bring a smile to your child’s face. It might be something they will remember as they go about their day.

So much of living an awake, intentional and abundant life — so much of what I keep trying to impress upon every single mom I work with in the e-course and in my coaching circle — is this one thing: All you have is right here, right now. Perfect or not. Good or not. Imperfect it or not.

Mornings like these are our moments to shine. These are our moments to bring it. These are our moments to be the mom. These are our moments to do the hard stuff when really all we want to do is crawl back into bed.

And so … we love all of these moments.

Even the perfectly imperfect ones.

Especially the perfectly imperfect ones.


Photo Credits: OverdueConfessions and Skampy

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