If you’ve been reading here long enough, you no doubt are familiar with quite a few of my Abundant Mama wisdom notes and mantras.

Let go.


Make mistakes.

Get messy.



These are just a handful of The Abundant Mama Project core messages that you will be learning a lot more about over the next few months because living an authentic, slow and meaningful life is the only thing that has ever mattered to me. This month, I am honored to have in my hands an advanced reader copy of the brand new book, “Hands Free Mama,” by the sweet Rachel Macy Stafford of the blog of the same title — a book that very much falls in line with the Abundant Mama foundations.

The truth is that Rachel is a friend. And “Hands Free Mama” is her brand new baby. We wake each other up with our words every week.

We met online and realized our messages meshed very nicely two years ago or so. She continues to support my message here and for that I am so grateful. In her  book, Hands Free Mama (affiliate link), Stafford gives parents who are feeling overwhelmed with their lives tips and tools to, “put down the phone, burn the to-do list and let go of perfection in order to grasp what really matters.” hands free mama review

“Hands Free Mama” is an inspiring book for parents at any stage, with children of any age and families of any shape, size or background. This book is about meaningful connections, living life to the fullest and loving each other unconditionally. In other words, it’s parenting book perfection.

The storyline in the book unfolds around Stafford’s own personal and spiritual journey from being a distracted, perfectionist mother to one who gives up the busy, chaotic life to focus on what matters in her life — her children and her family. She credits the book and her story to God and is on a mission to spread that message far and wide. This is a book that encourages anyone with a family to stop living that hyped-up busy life that everyone thinks they SHOULD be living … and encourages you to just be a family.

Be an imperfect family. Be a family with a messy house. Be a family with less to do this week.

What Hands Free Mama taught me most is that even in my own intentional, mindful way, I have also been striving for too much perfection and that glimpse into myself is a hard one to see. Her book has opened my eyes to the fact that while I’ve been so busy helping other mothers be present, peaceful and playful, I have let my own life slip a bit. I’m so happy to have found this book and got myself back on track to do what is best for me and for my family. And that’s why I’m happy to tell you to hurry up and reserve your copy now. It’s released to the world on Jan. 7.

Discuss: If you could let go of anything on your list today, what would it be?

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