Every January as a member of the Wake Up and Thrive Network,  I create a word of the year.

I’ve used adventure, glow, rise, radiate. 

This year as a mom in the midst of a very busy season of life, I chose the word ease.  I had a desperate longing for slowness, simplicity and an empty schedule. I was finding ways to put ease into my life: simplifying meals, limiting commitments, finding times and ways to rest.  

Move forward to today, I am on Day 4 of an empty schedule. 

I am no longer driving 5 days a week to ballet. I am not driving daily to and from school for drop off and pick up.  I am not driving throughout my county providing speech therapy services to children at home, in daycare or in school.  It has all come to a grinding halt.

It is as if a time of ease has been forced upon us.  Currently, I am helping my girls complete their daily assignments from school.  I am working with the partners in my therapy agency to begin telepractice for our clients.  I am communicating with my clients on how therapy will proceed.

But beyond all of that, I feel this spark of light or desire to take advantage of this new time of ease. 

Is there some level of fear and anxiety – yes, absolutely. But still there is that spark of desire to take this opportunity to play with my girls.  Let’s play games, watch movies with popcorn, do yoga, have a dance party, go outside, build legos, color, cook together and eat as a family.  

It’s also the time to find ways to rest. 

Now with all the media and information overload, we need to rest.  Relax with a book, a movie, music. Take time to meditate, do yoga, whatever soothes your soul.   Rest becomes important when we are in close quarters with our family and with no real way to escape when the noise and overwhelm of children and/or your partner starts to be too much.

Tonight I found rest by sitting on my porch swing and savoring the warm night air and listening to the rain drop on the magnolia leaves.  

This is a unique and unexpected opportunity for all of us. Despite fears over the virus, money, food, supplies, I feel we’ve been given the gift of ease. 

Let’s all take a few minutes to put down our phones, ignore the information overload and relax into the ease.  

May you be well.

May you find your ease.

Carissa Yount is a member of the Wake Up & Thrive Network. She is the mom of 3 girls, a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist, a nature lover, a star-gazer and someone who believes in staying rooted in values while allowing her branches to continually grow and learn new things. She lives in Central Kentucky.

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