You want a morning filled with ease and laughter.

You want to be able to linger long over that cup of coffee or tea. The morning paper. The weather forecast.

You want to see the kids off to where they need to go with a smile, knowing they are going to have the best possible day.

You want to feel both happy and content, productive and present and joyful and peaceful.

And yet what you wake up to most mornings is rushing, a sink full of dishes and perhaps some harsh words exchanged and possibly (maybe?) a door slam or two.

I know, I’ve been there.

And each time we’ve had one of those mornings, there’s three very predictable bad habits that we’ve sunk into that helped create the chaos called Crazy Mornings. There are three common bad habits that can easily ruin any perfectly good morning with kids. Children need consistency in the mornings. They need YOU to have your stuff together so they can feel together and content, too.

In fact, the secret to really good mornings begins with you.

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Here are 3 bad habits preventing great mornings with kids:

Bad Habit No. 1 — Oversleeping.

Maybe the alarm didn’t go off. Maybe your child woke up in the night, throwing off your sleep. Maybe you just really hate mornings. By getting up late — meaning after the kids are awake — we set our day into a pattern of rushing and doing things half way, which creates an atmosphere of chaos. This is when our words become short and our tone more bitter. We toss things here and there and so do the children as you’re rushing them along, too.

Bad Habit No. 2 — Being UnpreparedI didn’t do one thing last night except go to bed. I didn’t pack the lunches. I didn’t make sure the kids had their clothes and backpacks ready. We didn’t wash all the dishes so getting lunches done and breakfast made is instantly a struggle before the morning even begins.

Bad Habit No. 3  Expect Perfection — Sometimes, the older our children get the more we think they can handle. And while that is absolutely true, we often forget that they are still very much children with child-like qualities and priorities. And just like we fail to plan sometimes, our children will inevitably forget to do their part as well sometimes. Our too-high-to-reach expectations may be the biggest hurdle of all between a chaotic morning and a peaceful one.

These three bad habits aren’t new information but rather a reminder that YOU control your mornings more than you think. You have the power to change those bad habits – and any others that may be keeping you from experiencing a great start to a brand new day — to create an ideal morning for your family.

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