I’m in the process of gratitude journal shopping.

This is a big deal in my world.

Each year, I choose one special journal to carry me through the year in my very deep, spiritual abundance and gratitude DAILY practice.

I’ll be starting my fifth journal on Jan. 1.

Recently, on a coaching call with my lovely mamas around the world in my membership program, I was asked a great question:

What changes in yourself have you seen since keeping your gratitude journal?

As I began answering, the ladies thought my words should be shared more widely on this topic.

To write this post, I gathered all of my journals onto my bed and pulled my laptop up close and read the very first and very last entry of each one.


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So here goes: 6 Ways A Gratitude Practice Can Change You. For the better.

I am much stronger.

I was always a strong person. Always the one who people could count on rather than the one needing to count on others. But when I became a mother of twins, I grew weak. It was so incredibly hard and I felt so immensely lonely. Starting my gratitude practice opened my eyes to my inner strength and outer abundances.

I am living authentically.

With every single new entry, I grew close to my authentic self. By the end of my very first gratitude journal, I started a blog and created The Abundant Mama Project. By the end of my second gratitude journal, I had plans to quit my full-time work to do this project full-time.

I can fully embrace my safety net.

It might seem silly, but writing my gratitude journals and seeing who continuously pops up as being there for me and for my family is truly the biggest blessing of all. When I began, I was very lonely and felt abandoned by many people I thought I would always be able to count on in my life. When I realized that wasn’t the case and would never be the case, it was easy to feel down and out and bitter and sour. My first gratitude journal opened my eyes to all the wonderful people I have in my life who want to be here and who want to be a part of my life.

I’m richer.

I lead a simple life that doesn’t require many things because my gratitude journal reminds me of all the blessings I have already. It’s easy to feel rich and abundant when we put so much of our life into a daily abundance practice such as the one we begin in The Abundant Mama Project Online Program. Even the things I need — like replacing the broken dishwasher — aren’t as necessary because I’m grateful for the experience of going without.

I know how to find my happy place. And fast.

My gratitude and abundance practice has been a great four year experimentation in what makes me happy, what brings me joy and how to easily and quickly move through the hard times. There are common themes in every journal, in every season and in various times in my life. I know where my happy place is because I’ve been documenting my joys for years.

I rarely sink into the Land of Bitter and Sour now.

Before this practice began, I was bitter. And sour. And angry. And filled with lots of resentment for all the family members who have left me. Last year, the final member of my family moved away as well and I finally saw how resilient I had become. I know my abundance practice has helped me be so strong and so filled with joy that I no longer need others to bring me happiness.

I am a better role model for gratitude.

Time Flies. We should document the good and even be grateful for the bad stuff in life because it teaches us great things and makes us stronger. This is the message my children see as I put so much love and time into my gratitude and abundance practice. I love that they are beginning their own practice. And this is perhaps the one thing I am successfully modeling with ease and without any pressure.

Discuss: What have you learned from being thankful?

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6 Ways a Gratitude Practice Can Change You. For the better.


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