I don’t want to speak about myself or my life.

I don’t want to speak about the grey matter that makes up 99.9 percent of my life.

I want to speak about the extraordinary. No, I take that back. I want to speak about how I see the extraordinary in everything. In the way the trees dance and sway in the wind and don’t fall down or even complain.

I want to share about how the lake ebbs and flows and offers herself the shore so willingly, so easily, like a good lover.

I want share my amazement at how the skunk cabbage rises up through the icy, cold ground in order to be first, to be the winner of them all. And I want to share my awe at how the leaves that had long fallen in the fall have now begun to recycle themselves back into the earth starting a rebirth of gigantic proportions. And I want to share my passion for how a bee flaps its wings 200 times a second and how a Monarch butterfly will travel up to 100 miles a day during its migration journey.

And I want to tell you about how a tiny little ant — out of sheer survival mode — can lift up to 5,000 times its body weight and I get winded going up a flight of stairs.

I want to speak about how when just the right light hits on our ordinary, mediocre lives if we are awake and aware and ready for that kind of powerful presence we are changed forever.

I want to speak about the power of going deeper, not wider, into this noisy, chaotic world. Deeper love. Deeper presence. Deeper awareness. Deeper breathing. Deeper living.

No, not wider.


And, I want you to be as astonished as I am about how a mother’s gift to this world is not found in a field of right and wrong but in the holy land of loving unconditionally, in loving peacefully, in loving with ease and comfort.

I want you to be awed by the resilience of the natural world – and of our flawed humanness, too — because this is how we turn the ordinary into the extraordinary every single day — the way we make butter out of cream or lemonade out of lemons or art out of messes.

I want you to experience a deeper, more meaningful life. I want you to feel it.

And know that it can be yours.

I want you to know that you can opt out of the shallow end.

And wake up on the shore of astonishment, where I will be waiting for you.

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