This post is a part of our Real Abundant Mama series … a series of posts when we turn this space over to the women who are willing to share HOW their lives have changed since taking The Abundant Mama Project’s Online Program. Today we’re featuring an Abundant Mama from one of our 2015 classes — Noreen Winogradoff. Nor has been an active member in our alumnae program, The Peace Circle, as well.

Here’s Nor’s personal story …


As I sit here and reflect the year 2016 I realize all the changes I have gone through including the year the I took my first Abundant Mama Online course in January 2015.

I didn’t really think that there was so much to reflect on, but yes there is.

I am sitting here in awe of all that there was offered over this time and all that I have welcomed inside myself these past (almost) two years!

Wow! I can’t believe I am here taking part and learning and growing and solving and fixing and really working hard to be MORE me, more the woman I’ve missed that seemed to be locked up and stashed away.

Before I ran across Abundant Mama online I felt like I’d lost myself somewhere along my path in life. I felt it even more so when I had twins. It seemingly got harder with little support from anyone in my life other than my husband.

I was a bit of a mess and I believe he was too. My family all lives miles away and my husband’s family also lives miles away and the few friends we have already “did the kids thing many years before us” so none of them were into us other than a brief visit here and there to see the babies as the months passed by.

I can not express how much gratitude I have for coming upon the Abundant Mama site and convincing myself for months to take the course.

“Take the course, take the course! Do it, it’s for you Nor,” I thought, hesitating.


Finding Yourself in Motherhood

I talked to my husband about it. I showed him the site. As he scoped it over… I said, “I wanna take it, but I think I am scared but, but… I need to do something and I deeply feel this is it! What do you think?”  And without hesitation when he was done… he said … “Take it! Sign up. Do it right now!”

And weeks after listening to my head chatter along with my heart and his positive support I finally signed up. WOW wee for me, what a trip it’s been.

So sitting here reflecting the year 2016 and extending that to the start of when I joined in 2015 has brought me to my knees!

I have gained so much since then and this past year has really helped me in big ways. SO so Much! I can’t believe it really!

My goodness I am learning how to be calmer, embrace my life as a mother and a woman, shedding some perfectionism, speaking more kindly, experiencing joy, softening to more than I ever thought I could or would …

I’m also working on rekindling my partnership with my other half thanks to that very helpful course, learning to let go, digging deep, realizing my strength, the challenge of being seen, speaking up, learning about balance and gratitude, surrendering to so much, being brave, being more me, jumping on board to a simpler life and and the list goes on and on.

I worked in a couple different journals this past year. One of which was an art journal! I had never journaled much before joining AMP and the Peace Circle, but now I have grown into it and find it helpful along the path of where I would like to be.

This year has been so empowering for my own creativity.


I am proud of my discoveries and the work that I have done to get closer to where I want to be.  I can’t really help being creative as I go along in my journaling or anything for that matter. It’s just something that lives inside me! I thrive on it!

To end here, I am moving forward to 2017 with my chosen word for the Year!


YES that is what it is going to be!

I want to keep a steady glowing light within myself, working on renewing my self belief, keep on stepping out of my shadows and shining my light proudly.

I am stronger than I realize. I need to bring this forward into my self belief and deeply realize it to keep on keeping on for growth and happiness as I travel my path.

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The next Abundant Mama Project Online Program begins Jan. 23.




Nor is a creative and soulful mama of boy-girl twins, age 8, and has been married for 23 years. She and her family live in Alberta, Canada. She enjoys art journaling, painting and family raclette dinners! And she loves her red snow boots. She is an active member of the Abundant Mama Peace Circle and a 2015 Abundant Mama alumnae.

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