Sometimes life isn’t easy.

Some days, we have hard, hard work to do — and then we have to wake up with a smile, too, and be the sun and the moon for some little people.

Sometimes, parenting isn’t easy.

Some days, we have big, big decisions to make – and then we have to make dinner, bake cookies, plan for school bakes sales.

Sometimes, all the best intentions fly out the window.

Some days, we know what we so desperately need but all we can do is give hugs, kiss boo-boos and hold hands.

Sometimes, we just need to close our eyes for a minute.

Some days, we know that if stop, take a break then the world will pile on top of us and we’ll suffocate.

Sometimes, we just need to feel inspired. Happy. Loved.

Some days, the pitter pat of feet, the stomping of a temper tantrum, the screaming of an upset child is all the love we’ll feel.

Sometimes, we need laughter and silliness and to feel young again.

Some days, a fart joke, a “she said butt” and please come look at my poopy is all the humor we get.

Sometimes, all of this is overwhelming.

Most days, it’s simply amazing.

This week … just fill your well. Notice what’s working. What’s not. Go deep and discover  your truth. Say no if you must. Say yes when you want to. Surprise yourself. Just fill yourself all up with love, with energy, with happiness. You are worthy.

Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash

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