I’ve been on a secret mission that only a few of you know about.

In early January, I started sending a special, secret email to the mothers who sign up for my email list.

The note includes my favorite blog post “You are Not Alone.”

And, at the end, I add a little note that says this:

If you are lonely, respond back to me with these words: I am lonely.

And every single day I get a least one email with these words.

I am lonely.

In fact, I’ve received dozens of emails from mothers all over the world confessing to me that they feel alone in their motherhood journey. The first thing I do every single day is respond to one of them with a very special note that lets them know that I get it, that I understand and that I’ve been there.

And that they aren’t as alone as they think they are right now.

Feeling alone? You're not alone.

Loneliness is a machine that creates more loneliness. For the longest time, I didn’t realize that.

But now everything makes so much more sense to me than when my girls were tiny. I didn’t understand.

I just felt alone — and that feeling is such a big reason for why we are overwhelmed.

When I finally started to snap out of it, started finding new ways of feeling social, I created The Abundant Mama Project to be that bridge between mothers near and far so they wouldn’t suffer in silence. And it’s become a movement of abundance. Women around the world have been sending mail and cards to each other. Texting each other. Sharing stories.

And they are doing it alone but together, virtually.

This past weekend, I had the honor of being a part of a Red Tent event in my local community. It was shared over and over that there needs to be more support for mothers. There needs to be more help for each other.

And I was thinking the entire time. The Abundant Mama Project is a virtual Red Tent for mothers. It’s that sacred space where you are free to be you, where you are free to grow and adjust and free to be lonely together.

Tomorrow, I’m going to talk more about this topic of the lonely mother disorder and how it’s a big part of the yelling frustrations many women carry around as guilt.

In fact, it may be the biggest trigger of all.

For now, just know that those feelings you have inside about no one caring about you. No one seeing you. No one hearing you.

I hear you. I see you. I know you are there.

Even if you haven’t joined the Abundant Mama program, you can always be a part of this amazing tribe of grateful, nourished women by using the hashtag #abundantmama on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Join our mama tribe.


Photo Credit: ktus16 (walking in rain)

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