Every now and then, I love to turn this space over to REAL Abundant Mamas who have given their heart and soul to the Abundant Mama Project. Their brave stories give a small glimpse into what is truly possible when we do the work of living abundantly as women and mothers. Today, I welcome Carissa Yount and her story of transformation. 


A year ago, I was short-tempered and yelled often. I was always worried about the next thing that needed to be done or crossed off my to do list.

I nagged and focused on the negative rather than all the positive. I felt agitated, withdrawn, isolated and jealous of what others had and what others were doing.

Nothing felt good on the inside.

Then I signed up for the Abundant Mama Program (AMP) and found my abundance.

In that first week’s lessons on building an abundance practice, I sat and made a list of everything I had it in my life with my 3 girls and and my husband — and it was so emotional and eye-opening to me.

It made me realize the wonderful things in my life that I was overlooking. Finding my gratitude has been a life changer. I am excited about what I have. I feel energized knowing that I have enough, we do enough and that I am enough.

I wanted to feel good on the inside. Now I do.


AMP also helped me identify my triggers. What causes those moments of anger, frustration and agitation that would lead me to start yelling. Time, noise, chaos – these are huge triggers for me. Just knowing that helps me recognize when the trigger may occur and how to deal with it.

Since AMP, I am definitely a calmer mom.

I try to swallow those words of anger and frustration that so easily want to come from my mouth and instead speak kindly to my girls and husband. When I am triggered, I tell myself and my girls how I am feeling and what I need to do calm myself. Also, the feelings of jealousy I was having of other family’s possession, activities or trips have disappeared. I am truly grateful for what we have as a family.

AMP enabled me to be the mom and wife that I want to be.

I am happier, calmer and at peace with my life. I can be the mom who smiles, giggles and plays with my girls. I can join in the dance parties, sit and have tea time, color a picture.

The other things on my to do list can wait. No longer do I feel this weight, burden and constant pull to always be doing something.

I wanted to feel good on the inside. Now I do.

The next AMP session begins SOON. GET ON THE WAITLIST

Carissa Yount is a wife and mother of three fabulous girls living in Central Kentucky.  She loves to read and create new things from stuff she already has on hand.  She aspires to be the type of mama her girls will remember as someone who was always there for them with a hug, a shoulder to cry on or ears to listen to anything and everything they had to say. Read more REAL Abundant Mama stories HERE

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