Somedays you just want to scream ENOUGH, right?

Enough doing.


Enough striving.


Enough keeping up.


If that’s you, you are not alone.


Many woman today live their lives feeling as if they are never enough … never do enough … and never have enough.


There is just so many sparkly things to chase after … and do … and make.

As a result, we take on MORE in our lives that keeps us feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and stressed.


But here’s the thing …


Your desire to “keep up” and “show up” for everyone else prevents YOU from being present and awake for this life you are in RIGHT NOW.

Join us for the next Abundant Mama Enoughness Circle … a circle of inspiration, journaling, meditation and visioning around how to bring more feelings of enoughness into our everyday lives. Our circle will gather for about an hour and a half.


In this circle, I will walk you through an abundance inventory, an enoughness meditation and visualization, various journaling and life coaching prompts to help you define enoughness for yourself and offer you THREE take-home assignments to bring it all back to YES, I AM ENOUGH, I DO ENOUGH, I HAVE ENOUGH!

We start soon!








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