Tired of Chasing More?

Introducing Enoughness Camp

Striving. Pushing. Producing.

If you’re like many women, you are faced with a constant stream of nudges telling you to go bigger, be better, do more, try harder … and the result is utter exhaustion.


Actually, the result is more than that.

All that pressure to perform and be more and do more leads to anxiety, depression, overwhelm — and feelings of not being good enough in some parts of your life (or all!).

It can also land you straight in the Land of Bitter and Sour.


The Land of BS isn’t an actual place. It’s a mindset that leaves you feeling stuck and down on yourself — and your life. It stems directly from your inner bully yelling things like … you’re not good enough, your life isn’t perfect enough or you don’t have the ideal house or car or job. And, sometimes it even screams to us that our children or our partners aren’t good enough, too.

Well, my dear, I’m here to help you call out that inner bully and start to claim your self-worth.

Enoughness is a state of mind.

And I’m ready to show you how to walk straight out of Land of BS and leave your feelings of not enough behind so you can step into your life with greater abundance, delight and ease.

Introducing … my 21-Day Enoughness Camp!

I’m Shawn. I am Your Camp Counselor. I am also the founder of The Abundant Mama Project & an Enoughness Coach.

The Abundant Mama Online Enoughness Camp is a 21-Day eCourse designed to lead you away from an attitude of not enough and into a mindset of PLENTY.

Through a series of email and downloadable audio lessons you will discover the root of your own not enoughness and create a plan to heal it — as well as cultivate an abundance mindset that will have you seeing a ripple effect of goodness in no time.

Enoughness Camp includes a series of abundance mindset lessons, journaling prompts, meditations and life coaching showing you how to bring more feelings of enoughness into your everyday life — and how to pass THAT magic onto your loved ones.


What Enoughness Camp includes:

Take Inventory of Your Abundance Mindset

Discover where you need to put your energy for a big impact on your self-worth.

Develop a Plan of Action to Heal your scarcity mindset.

Unlock the secret to owning your enoughness no matter what.

Tackle the fears that are causing you to feel like you are not enough.

Create your own enoughness plan to use for years to come when you begin to sink back into the Land of Bitter and Sour.

What You Can Expect:

You will receive email lessons every couple of days through the entire 21 day experience. You have time to do the work and rest in between lessons.

Each lesson in the course is also delivered to you in a podcast-style audio format so you can download and listen on the go of your busy life.

This virtual camp is an experience that includes worksheets you will want to print out as well as some deep dive journaling prompts that you'll want to do in a journal of your choice.

Sign up for Enoughness Camp now!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m a Highly Sensitive Mom — Will this program help me with feeling overwhelmed?

Absolutely. This program was built FOR highly sensitive moms who tend to question everything they do as mothers — and as women — because of their passion feelings and empath tendencies.

I am lonely and I seriously do not think anything will ever help me not feel lonely. Will Enoughness Camp address this?

Many Abundant Mamas in our community struggle with loneliness and there are ways for you to address it! The exercises we do in Enoughness Camp are for any area of your life where you are feeling not enough — and so this is definitely one that works SO great.

I don’t have enough money for this class. What do you suggest?

It’s possible that your mindset around “not enough” will always continue unless you confront it — including and especially about money. Enoughness Camp may be just what you need to turn that feeling around so you aren’t living in a place of scarcity in your finances — and the rest of the areas of your life.

I have a friend I’d LOVE to gift this to who I know needs this message. Can I buy it for her?

You are so sweet! Of course. Yes. Just register normally and leave us a note with her email to make sure she gets the content. Best to also email us to make sure we have that in our records.

I feel very stuck in my life and I’m pretty sure nothing can get me out of it. How will Enoughness Camp help me?

Feeling stuck is different than being stuck. Enoughness Camp will help you with one, so you can then help yourself with the other. You’ll be so surprised after just the first couple of lessons how much more freedom you can create for yourself without changing anything other than your mindset around enoughness.

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