As a highly empathic woman who is highly sensitive, living through this global pandemic, seeing more and more evidence of police brutality and witnessing a civil rights uprising has been an emotional roller coaster.

I’m sure you can relate.

One of the classic empath traits is that you are more likely to get caught up in other people’s pains, the pains of the world and the pains of our neighbors and friends.

But for me, I have learned that managing my emotions is vital. Early in the pandemic, my emotions got the best of me and I got very sick. I learned very quickly that I must protect myself from feeling other’s pains and worries too much. I simply must practice the skills that keep me grounded, calm and strong.

Learning how to deal with being an empath is important for your own self-care and wellness. It’s hard to truly take care of yourself if you keep getting derailed by other people’s drama and emotions.

That is what I am sharing with you today. In my role as a Life Design Coach for Moms, I offer many skills to help go-getter women remain grounded and calm. Today I am sharing three of those skills with you with the hopes that you can begin to learn them.

3 Skills Empathic Moms Need During Difficult Times


Being an empathic woman is nothing to be ashamed about. It means you feel deeply into how someone else is feeling. Your skin likely crawls when someone gets hurt. Or your heart breaks when your child is hurting. Understanding and accepting your empathic ways is a skill that crosses into all areas of your life. And, self-acceptance means you can finally start to take better care of yourself. Skill Building Tip: Stop comparing yourself to others. Accepting yourself means also accepting that you are a unique human being. This is where my coaching work to help you Be You, Finally™ really helps!


I recorded an audio retreat for the members of my Wake Up & Thrive Network — a community of many highly sensitive and empathic moms — that leads us all through self-love and self-compassion practices because right now we all need gentleness and compassion so that we can be more gentle and more compassionate for others. This practice is going to be vital. In my work with women, I offer many ways we can practice self-compassion. It’s a skill and a practice that takes time to learn and feel comfortable with but so worth the time and effort. Skill Building Tip: Practice the Soften, Sooth, Allow method of self-compassion.


Because our emotions can be like riding a roller coaster, self-regulation and emotional tending is a vital skill to learn and master. If we continue to let our emotions runaway from us and become erratic based on what is happening around us, we lose our grounding. Remaining in our calm baseline means feeling grounded and confident in all challenging moments. Learning to unhook or shield ourselves from highly emotive situations can truly bring a new level of calm to our lives. It is a powerful feeling when we know that we can create our own calm and serenity even in crazy, chaotic times. Skill Building Tip: Learn how to find your calm baseline

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