Happy February!

I am SO excited for this month.

🌞First of all, it’s my birthday month. 🙂

🌞🌞Second of all, I realized yesterday that I can call Feb. 1 the START of spring because that is what I need. I see green shoots popping up through the cold, cold ground. And so for me, it’s officially spring. 🙂 Those of you in the depths of summer heat, feel free to start to imagine fall is on it’s way! Why not? 🙂 It’s all in our minds, right? How empowering! How Abundant Mama-Like.

🌞🌞🌞Third of all, speaking of being in one season but wanting to be in another — this month inside my Wake Up & Thrive Network I just released our workbook and members only podcast that are focusing on acceptance and what it means to Embrace the Messy Middle.

Oh, how I love the work we’ll be doing together this month. I have a number of messy middle stories that I’ll be sharing and how I worked to accept them AND worked toward changing them.

If you are currently in the messy middle of anything … joining the network this month is going to feel like the warm hug you’ve been needing and not getting. Join right now and you’ll get instant access to your workbook and materials.

What are some possible messy middles to embrace?

  • A fiery child who tantrums or melts down a lot
  • Midlife Career confusion or Aging Stress
  • A struggling marriage
  • A job that feels all kinds of wrong
  • Decluttering your home
  • A failed dinner
  • A friendship on the rocks
  • Family drama
  • Coping with mental health struggles — yours or another family members
  • Chronic illness flare ups
  • Writing a book, starting a business, running a committee or PTO
  • Changing a habit or forming a new one

And more …

Our focus together this month is going to be on EMBRACING these messy middles and finding peace where we are while also trusting we will get to the other side.

You are not alone. We want to hold space for you. Start your journey right now.

NEED A GENTLE GUIDE THROUGH YOUR MESSY MIDDLE? Let’s hop on a FREE Coaching Discovery call with me to see if private coaching is a better fit for you than eCourses and DIY self-help. SCHEDULE NOW.

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