Sometimes, on really tough days, my heart will start racing.

Too much to do.

Too much going on in my head.

Too much pressure I’ve put on myself.

Too many things going wrong.

And then I realize that I’m the leader of the Abundant Mama tribe, and I have ample tools to draw upon and use on a daily basis to snap out of it and feel awesome again.

On those days, and in those moments, I pull out my Abundant Mama journal, toolbox and notes.

I put everything into practice. I do everything right. I stack self-care onto self-care.

Instantly I start to feel better. My heart calms down. My brain settles. My body relaxes.

But if you haven’t been through the program, yet (what are you waiting on?) you need some motivation to help you get to a place of strong and calm mama.

Because an anxious and overwhelmed mom means anxious and overwhelmed kids. Period.

When Anxious Kids Mean Anxious Families

Studies show repeatedly that anxiety and overwhelm does run in families most of the time. And, that makes sense. In fact, children as young as 8 years old can start to show signs of anxiety.

It’s true that our fears and worries and overwhelm create a hostile environment for embracing mistakes, failure and trying new things. This adds pressure to our kids. To ourselves. To our families that we want more than anything to just be happy.

Our comfort level as mothers, then, really is super important.

We have to be able to relax, and lighten up greatly. We have to be able to let go of control. We have to be able to trust that everything is going to be OK, including our children.

But the truth of the matter is that too often we have too many balls in the air, too many lofty goals, too many great desires to put on hold to just do that ultimate thing called rest our mind.

Join the 7 Days of NO! Challenge — a fun digital email challenge to get you to take things OFF your to-do list and bring some EASE into your family life.

3 Simple Tips to Ease Mama Overwhelm

Rest is the Antidote to Anxiety and Overwhelm

Resting our minds long enough to breathe deeply is often the most simplest form of healing we can offer ourselves.

The answer to stress and overwhelm is NOT to add more stress. It’s not to plan more. It’s not to do more. It’s not to worry more. It’s not to forget everything and hide, either.

It’s really to just think less. Worry less. Do less.

Healing happens when we adopt the less is more approach to life that I’m always talking about — a mindset that makes that one thing you are doing right now the only thing you need right now.

This is when we know we need to put everything we’ve got into what matters.


When Less is More is even Too Much

It’s true that sometimes our anxieties and overwhelm are so big and so consuming that even taking on the less is more approach is too much.

We just can’t make a move. We can’t make a decision. Everything seems hard.

This is the land of bitter and sour. And it requires a totally different set of tools that we create in the Abundant Mama Program.

But, when you know that less is more will work for you you have to embrace it by figuring out what your LESS really needs to be.

3 Simple Tips to Ease Mama Overwhelm

When I work with moms just beginning their Abundant Mama journey of strong and calm motherhood, I often give them one very powerful exercise pretty early on.

This exercise is good for getting to the heart of what matters most — and is a great way to figure out what your Less is going to be today.

And it’s good for putting things into deep perspective.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Write down every single thing that is on your mind that is stressing you out, causing you overwhelm, and needs done or wants to be done or should be done. You can write for 10 minutes or an hour or return to it over the course of a day. But write it all down.
  2. Cross out all the things that are not life or death matters of importance, and all the things you have no control over right now.
  3. Circle ONE of the items left on your list that is achievable and doable TODAY. And do that.
  4. Oh, there is a fourth step not pictured here –> do this all over again tomorrow (or once your one task is complete, but not until that one task is done.)

Join the 7 Days of NO! Challenge — a fun digital email challenge to get you to take things OFF your to-do list and bring some EASE into your family life.

3 Simple Tips to Ease Mama Overwhelm


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