It’s the noise.

It’s almost always the noise.

That’s the big light bulb moment in a woman’s highly sensitive journey.

The noise is almost ALWAYS the big sign.

I get so many emails and notes from women letting me know that they didn’t know they were highly sensitive until they read my series on being Highly Sensitive Moms. Here’s that series:

  1. Are you a Highly Sensitive Mom?
  2. Self-Care for Highly Sensitive Moms
  3. Soothing Tips for Highly Sensitive Moms
  4. How Being a Highly Sensitive Mom Affects Your Parenting
  5. 5 Quiet Ways to Feel Less Isolated as a Highly Sensitive Mom

Discovering you are a Highly Sensitive Mom can be a life-changing moment for many women.

It’s the knowledge that brings relief. Relief that we’re not crazy. Relief in understanding WHY we get so emotional or impacted by noise, news and overwhelm.

This is exactly what happened to Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Anne Bogel who is my guest on this week’s episode of The Abundant Mama Show.

Once she learned she was highly sensitive, Anne says everything just started to make so much more sense.

Anne, a mom of four and a blogger, and I talk about being highly sensitive women and mothers and how that impacts everything — time management, raising highly sensitive kids, triggers and, of course, reading. Because she’s the yoga of reading.

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The Life-Changing Moment of Discovering You are a Highly Sensitive Mom

Highlights in this Episode

  • Tips for Managing being Highly Sensitive
  • Triggers — Recognizing and Coping through them.
  • Raising Highly Sensitive Kids
  • The Importance of White Space in your day
  • Family Dinner Ritual musts
  • Busy Seasons vs. Slow Seasons
  • Reading Tips
  • The secret to reading more in motherhood

Resources Inside this Episode

Anne’s Website

Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Book Club

Summer Reading Guide

Everyone Brave is Forgiven

What about you? What did it feel like for you to realize you are highly sensitive?


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