Just be Kind has been a mantra of mine for all 13 years of my girls’ lives.

It can be a struggle between doing for them unnecessarily … and being compassionate.

It can be a struggle to have the energy to be kind.

And it can be a struggle when they aren’t kind themselves or when it feels like they are just trying to get out of doing something.

But the truth of the matter is this: We can do a lot more for creating a more peaceful world by showing kindness beginning at home. And so when we finally understand what being kind enough is all about we can give more freely with no strings attached.

In my program, Enoughness Camp, we spend a great deal of time defining enoughness for ourselves and kindness is one of those areas I’ve had to really do a lot of work around.

The parenting books are screaming at us to push our children to be independent, to do more for themselves. Phrases like … “Do not do for their child what they can do for themselves” ring out in my ears.

And yet …

But, I think, shouldn’t we be the kind of people who do nice things for others just because?

And, they almost certainly WILL need us to make them do for themselves as they can.

But when I trust my intuition — and trust is one of our 4 Abundant Mama Pillars — I know when it’s the right time to be kind and when it’s good to push them to do for themselves.

In this latest episode of The Abundant Mama Show, I’m sharing my latest offering in my series 13 Parenting Lessons from 13 Years of Parenting.

Listen now and think about this struggle in your own life and how it plays out.

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