Savoring Slow. A feeling. A way. A stillness quest in the busyness of life.

It’s been far too long since I’ve talked in this space about my own longings — all of our longings — to slow down and savor the slow parts of life.

But first, we have to make the slow parts happen.

Ah, this is the first step to everything — especially tending to the woman inside the mother.

So this Delight & Inspire Playbook is dedicated as the Savoring Slow Edition.

Because I know for me this time of the year really makes me long for the slow, the cozy and the simple.

First, I would be remiss if I didn’t first remind you to pull out your worn copy of The Abundant Mama’s Guide to Savoring Slow. No? You don’t have your copy? Get it HERE.




And so now here’s what is delighting me and inspiring ME to practice the 12 habits of Savoring Slow right now in my own life.

This is the latest Delight & Inspire Playbook — an occasional series when I share what’s inspiring and delighting me as I learn to tend the mother and woman inside of me.

:: I LONG to get outside for a whole day of just playing in nature and being. And this study and insightful article about kids, play and mental health is a GOOD reason to do so.

:: Speaking of just being. This article talks about the benefits of teaching our kids to daydream. Oh yes. I can handle that! 🙂

:: Tired of everything? This article says that if you want to feel better, you should spend money on things that will save you time. Like that cleaning lady you’ve been longing for …

:: Love the mind-blowing games that are suggested here that prove that multi-tasking is NOT actually possible. Planning on playing these games with my daughters.

:: Want to make: This apple pie (it’s Autumn here and it’s finally actually arrived.)

:: Want to do: A fall picnic with hot cider and delish food and just chill time with the husband and family. I saved THIS image to my Fall into Autumn Pinterest board because … sigh, it just seems so perfect.

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