In yesterday’s first session of this Be the Change Mini Bootcamp, I encouraged you to write down a MAX of three areas of your life where you are interested in seeing some change. From that list, you were encouraged to pick only ONE area to focus on for this bootcamp.

Your chosen area should be an area of your life where you know you can inspire change, where you can BE the change you want to see in your own life or community.

So, today I’ll be using my own interest in wanting to see some change in my marriage to demonstrate today’s Be the Change lesson.

Today, your homework is to find your why on your ONE area of change.

If I’m going to Be the change I want to see in my marriage, I need to get clear on my why.

Why is this important to me? Why does this matter to ME?

For my own example, it’s important that I feel happy and content at home and with this person I’ve committed myself to forever. I also feel we have more potential on working together on big dreams than we are right now. By being more connected, I’m hoping we’ll create a better future for ourselves.

And, as we talk about in ReKindle, it really is UP to me to show up in my marriage and give it the same amount of energy I give to my children, my coaching business, my writing and my reading goals.

Now, it’s your turn to find your why on YOUR chosen area of change.

Here are some questions to help you know your why.

  • What do I value the most?
  • How does this area of change impact my daily happiness?
  • If everything was ideal and perfect in this area of my life, I would feel ________.
  • This change would allow for more _______.
  • I am tired of feeling _______.

Tomorrow, we’re back with another lesson to apply in your Be the Change Bootcamp.

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