Many women in our Abundant Mamas programs struggle with overwhelm when trying to make change happen in their lives because they are highly sensitive.

Being highly sensitive means that too much information can actually cause your brain to shut down — resulting in little to no change at all. (TAKE THE QUIZ: Find out if you are highly sensitive here.)

That’s the thing about wanting too many things at once — change can be self-defeating. We get all excited about making a change, but then we take on too many ideas and feel defeated when we get overwhelmed and end up doing nothing at all.

Often that means we haven’t prepared ahead of time for what the change will involve.

I know I’ve been there many times. For instance, I tried eating mindfully for years only to return to my over-eating ways time and time again. It was only once I finally chose 3 goals to focus on that I started to truly, absolutely understand, learn and practice how to eat mindfully.

Today, your homework is to get a clear understanding of what this change you want to make happen involves. Your only goal here is to see how VAST the landscape really is for this change to happen.

A few tips: The longer your list, the more support and help you are going to need to make it happen. And, vice versa, the shorter the list, the more likely you are able to take fast action.

Some areas of change ARE hard. Other areas of change — like wanting to wake up early — are a little easier.

For instance, feeling closer and more connected to my husband in our busy lives with teenagers who seem to never sleep and never go off to play with their toys anymore, I know that reconnecting is going to take some creativity.

This means that my list of what is involved is creating moments of connection, for sure, as well as me working on my mindset and energy levels for my marriage. I have some of the skills I need to do this but I know that I need motivation, inspiration and accountability. Additionally, I need to invest in my own wellness and to make sure I have the energy to BE the change I want to see.

Here are some questions to help you figure out just how many steps you have ahead of you for this lovely change you are interested in making:

  • What extra knowledge or skills do I need to gain in order to reach this goal?
  • How and when will I learn these?
  • How will I take time to practice them and put them into habit?
  • What help/support do I need in order to achieve this goal?
  • How can I invest in myself to make this happen for me?

Tomorrow we’ll keep this going so return here to move on to the next step. Just two more days left!

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