We all have something in our lives we want to change.

Nothing can ever be perfect. And while we encourage our community of Abundant Mamas to lean into being flexible and more go-with-the-flow — that’s a big part of our work in the Abundant Mama Home Study program — we also know that desiring change and craving change IS inevitable.

If you are feeling on the cusp of a change … maybe a change in how you show up in your marriage or at work, how you parent, or if you want to start a new job, quit working altogether to be home or to return to work … we can all agree that change is hard.

Other changes are just as hard. Moving to a new home or town. Losing weight.

It can take years to make a big change.

And it can take years to make a small change, especially if we are not ready.

I have made a lot of changes in my lifetime. Changes that led to many great life adventures. Moving to a new town led to meeting my husband. Starting a new job led me to long to be more creative and that led me to create The Abundant Mama Project. And, getting pretty sick last year that led me to go on my most amazing healthy living quest yet and, as a result, feeling more radiant than ever.

But none of this was easy. Over the next several days I’m offering a FREE “Be The Change mini bootcamp” that I’ve created for anyone who feels overwhelmed by change. I thought you could use the motivation as well.

Let me first say that when I use the words Be the Change … I am, of course, referencing Mahatma Ghandi’s great words.

But what I mean by Be the Change is for YOU to initiate and lead the way in your own life on creating the world YOU want to see.

This can result in many ideas. But don’t make it too complicated. If you want to see a more peaceful world, peace simply begins with YOU. If you want to see a more kind world, kindness begins with you. If you want your family to have more fun together, the fun begins with you. 🙂

But for you, maybe you are in the trenches of motherhood and any idea of creating big change is overwhelming. Yes. I hear you. I’m not even in the trenches of early motherhood anymore and it’s overwhelming for me.

That’s why I mean for this to be about YOU.

Changing the world really can only begin with us. That is what this challenge is about … make this week about you leaning closer to what you want YOUR world to be like. And your world may begin with how the kitchen looks when you wake up in the morning.

For this bootcamp, you don’t have to do ANYTHING, my dear. Nothing at all. No changes whatsoever. Just open. Read. Reflect as you’re walking, driving, folding laundry or waiting around. Don’t even journal. Just honor the feelings that rise up from the questions I offer to you.

If a change is going to happen … it’s going to happen because you are ready. And not a minute before. Our goal of this mini bootcamp is to see where change needs to happen and to make sure you’re ready.


Your homework today is this … write a list of a MAX of three areas of your life where you’d like to see change.

While we could all probably write a long list that goes on for days, let’s make this boot camp about quality over quantity. By keeping your list at three areas of your life or less, you are going to be able to focus and dive more deeply.

In my work with women, I see a lot of common ground on what women want to focus on in their lives.

Once you have thought about a max of three things — and if you have just one area that is glaring at you already that is GREAT! — answer these questions while driving/showering/making dinner.

  • Is change truly possible? (Meaning is it something that I can actually change without relying on someone else. And if I do need someone else’s buy-in, are they open and ready for change as well?)
  • Do I feel ready to do the hard work and worthy for change in this area?
  • Am I prepared to encounter setbacks while I wait for change to happen?
  • Am I ready to do the hard work of mastering the hard parts of making change (ie: fear, emotional upheaval, being vulnerable, asking for help, getting support, forming new habits)?

Tomorrow, I’ll share with you what to do with this information you’ve just dug deep to figure out. 

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