It’s time to celebrate your successes! First, thank you for participating in this Be the Change Mini Bootcamp. I hope you have found it fun and simple.

As a quick recap of what we’ve done so far this week, we established our ONE area of change and discovered our why for wanting change. And then we took an inventory on just what we need to know and do to make this change happen. Finally, we created our ONE goal with actionable steps and a clear deadline.

Today, we’re going to work on what to do when we accomplish this big change we are seeking! We’re going to create our celebration plan!

Learning to celebrate your success in life is a big part of the work we do as Abundant Mamas. When you find a really creative, empowering way to honor your wins, you are more inclined to keep going.

Learning to celebrate is how you build momentum for real transformation in your life. Without a celebration, it’s hard to feel motivated to keep going.

I created ReKindle based on our Abundant Mama values and my client’s experiences. In fact, the program shares several “case studies” of what works for others to stay connected and to keep the spark alive.

But, honestly, I didn’t feel my marriage needed it. So it was created out of the many successes we had in our marriage and what research I found on how to create a more connected, mindful marriage.

The program is perfect as it is and now I need it.

But now I need to take it seriously and actually DO the work. I’ve asked my husband to do it with me even though it’s not intended for it — I just think it will be great for ME to get his input.

To celebrate, I’m going to offer two rewards. One reward is for me if I do all the lessons and the work of showing up and being the change I want to see in my marriage. The other is if we BOTH show up and do the work.

Your Celebration should be SO intriguing and enticing that you want to DO your action steps to make your change happen.

So, let’s say that you set your Be the Change Goal — and it’s YOUR actions that you are tracking here … no one else’s … and you do it.

What’s the incentive?

What’s your big prize?

When we do this with our kiddos, it’s called often called bribing but the truth is that we’re ALL more motivated to DO when there’s a little sparkly something waiting for us.

I have found that the best rewards are those things that pop up in my head as a want … so I keep them on a running list.

The latest edition to this was a new book. So, when I achieve my first Be the Change goal … I’m going to buy myself that book. I can’t buy the book otherwise. Boohoo. I love books. This book is MY reward and has nothing to do with my marriage. If I do the work on being the change I want to see in my marriage, I get a reward.

But, if we BOTH show up and do ALL the work in the program, we’ll schedule a dual massage — something that I know he’s wanted for a long time. I think that is pretty enticing! 🙂

That’s it for our Be the Change Mini Bootcamp. Please leave comments below and let me know what you think!

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