Create a Family Action Plan

The binders are cleaned out.

The art table is clutter-free.

Each girl has her own homework box.

Our freezer is full of ready-to-cook or ready-to-eat meals making my life so much easier.

It’s back-to-school season here and, for me, that means one thing: NESTING.

This time of the year feels a lot like a New Year. Something to look forward to and plan for — and a great time to get organized.

I spent the last four weeks of summer break doing just that and I’m sharing with you how I go about clearing space and re-focusing on the important things in our family life so that we can have a more peaceful, loving home.

And, this weekend we’ll be talking about all of this together as a family so that it’s not just ME doing the thinking and brainstorming on family life improvements.

This is a simple exercise your family can do together to wake up and start DOING the things that matter most. No need to wait until the New Year.

On an easel or in a notebook, create a list of the following areas of focus:

  • health
  • exercise
  • screen-time
  • housework
  • behavior issues
  • schedules
  • meals
  • clutter
  • family time
  • social events
  • me-time

Under each category, brainstorm by asking questions such as what is working for us right now, what is not working for us right now, what areas need improved and what steps can we take to put some new focus and light on those areas we want to change and get better at?

The questions will help you figure out what areas need the most attention between now and the end of this year. In all of these areas, we can all stand to do better, I’m sure, but try not to focus on every single topic. Pick the most pressing one or two and stick with those for the next few months.

Tomorrow, I’m going to share a few resources your family can use to take honest, gentle action on your final list.

Raising children in these crazy, gadget-friendly times is more challenging than ever. There’s never been more amazing things to buy/do/see before. Pace yourself. Get an action plan together now before you find yourself spread too thin and too cranky.

Last night, I talked about the topic of letting go in a very casual chat online. I asked everyone what they need to let go of … I loved their responses because I think we all struggle with most of them. You can listen to that one-hour chat anytime you have a free moment. Thanks to all who participated. It was fun and I may plan another in early September.


Peace Circle Logo Final::  Why not work on the areas of your life that you struggle with along with other mamas around the world by joining The Abundant Mama Project? Working on your own needs and self-care with a tribe of supportive friends is a great way to start practicing letting go and finding beauty in the everyday  — all so you can enjoy a more peaceful family life and raise happy, healthy children.

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