I love happy mama stories. Here’s another real-mama story straight from The Abundant Mama Project. This personal story about choosing happiness over anger by Scottie really makes me smile. Please leave her a comment telling her how great she’s doing.

By Scottie Gilligan

Our family life was stressed when I first signed up for The Abundant Mama Project (AMP) program. I was searching for solutions to my 4-year-old daughter’s behavior issues. I was finding myself yelling more and more and becoming frustrated with not being able to control her behavior.

I felt like a prisoner and questioned my decision to become a stay at home mom. I was hoping AMP would help me deal with these feelings and give me some tools to become a more peaceful parent.

Choosing happiness over anger

Once the course began, I quickly learned I have to take care of myself so that I can take care of everyone else.

If I am feeling good, I am capable of dealing with whatever comes my way. Moods and feelings seem to be contagious.

I would rather have a case of happiness running through my house than anger.



I also learned to let it go. This was huge for me. I have stopped trying to control everything. As a result things have been more peaceful.

Another huge really important part was the community of women in  AMP. It is a very loving, nurturing environment where we are all share one thing in common… we are mothers. I learned so much through not only Shawn’s guidance but through what other moms were doing in their homes. It was so inspiring.

I learned ways to deal with those really hard times of the day with my kids. One of those moments is that hour before dinner when the kids seem both tired and hungry. With help from the course work, I came up with 5 O’clock Hugs!

Everyday at 4:55 p.m. the alarm on my phone goes off in a playful tune and we all hug. The reason behind it is basically at 5 p.m. everything falls apart at my house. These 5 o’clock Hugs make us stop and love each other and everyone smiles dances to the music on my phone and hugs for a minute. It is nice and has stopped the 5 O’clock grumps.

The AMP coursework really made me more aware of what is positive in my life. Shawn inspired me to start a gratitude journal. It has helped me to focus on the positive and not dwell on what is wrong in life.

I am now so much calmer and feel like I handle situations with much more ease.



My husband told me he noticed a huge difference in me. And, he told me I was more like the woman he met eight years ago.

The tools I have gained through the AMP have made me more confident as a mother and as a wife.

So much of what I have learned is spilling into my marriage. I feel really happy and loving.

Scottie is a happy, fun loving stay-at-home mama of two sweet girls: Phoebe, 4 and Avery, 1. She is a 2014 Abundant Mama alumni.

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