“Wake up, that’s what my children say to me each day. They say it when they tell me about their dreams at night.”

I am truly honored to offer this introduction of a guest post I wrote for Cheerio Road, the online home of Zen Buddhist Priest and “Momma Zen” Author Karen Maezen Miller — a longtime friend who saved me from my own thoughts years ago and continues to do so today. Please click through and read it.

Buddha wakes at 5 am


We sat in a circle in the lovely, peaceful home of Lil Omm Yoga Studio in Washington, DC.

I listened as Maezen’s voice soothed me. It sounded just as I had remembered from the year before when she led a workshop for mothers.

“Buddha means awake,” she said to a group of dozens of mamas like me.

My eyes lit up.

I had no idea.

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