Every single day is a dance.

A dance between striving and accepting. A dance between wanting more and needing less.

Every single day is a dance.

A dance between going for it and taking a nap.

Abundance isn’t more.

Abundance is love of what is right now.

Loving where you are. Loving who you are. Loving how you show up. Loving what is.

One of my favorite empowerment concepts to coach women on is finding THEIR enough right where they are … in the middle of the chaos and the imperfect. Right there in the darkness.


Breathe it in.

Breathe it out.

In order to bloom wildly where we are right now we must truly embody ENOUGH.

It is only when we finally feel what is enough in our bodies, in our hearts, in our souls — we finally clear the path for the real dreams we have to begin to play out in our lives.

The path ahead is ours. We do not have to force it. We only have to trust that we can follow it, letting our heart lead the way.

We only need to focus on this leg of the journey. The right now. We need to be open to what this moment is asking of us, needing from us, requiring from us.

That means we need to stay open. Stay curious. Stay connected to ourselves.

For me, this shows up in strong boundaries.

For me this shows up in living out my strong value of integrity.

For me this shows up in trusting — both myself and the universal energy guiding us along.

For me this shows up in embodying pleasure like it’s my job.

For me this shows up in radical generosity.

What does blooming where you are right now mean for you?

What would it take for you to finally accept where you are … not as a place of settling and sacrifice but one of surrender and trust?

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