Moms all around the world are spreading the word about The Abundant Mama Project. I love that. I can invite you to sign up all day but it’s the real-mom stories that matter most — to me, of course, but also to you. So for the next few weeks, I’m going to share three different Abundant Mama stories here. Meet Katie. She’s awesome. I like her lots.

Before the course, like many mamas, she was overwhelmed and disconnected — to herself, her family and to other mamas. Read her story about how the mindful lessons of the project opened her eyes to the beautiful life she was disconnected from at the start.

And, consider for a moment what it might feel like to become engaged in your life.

(Reader’s note: Anyone who’s been through the program always refers to it as AMP … proceed.)

By Katie Shaw

Before AMP there was a lot of negative chatter in my head. There was a lot of blaming, a lot of yelling, a lot of feeling helpless, isolated and alone. I had limited connection with other mamas and a real disconnect with my husband.

All of this led to a build-up of resentfulness and depletion.

I was searching for connection with other mamas who wanted to develop on a deeper level as a mother and a woman, and to support each other at this most difficult task in a nonjudgmental environment and that’s when I found AMP and all the great mamas in the program.

I can’t say *exactly* what occurred but I know it was sometime around the first of this year. I was in my second round of AMP and making my annual goals. Somewhere along the way something clicked. In my first round of AMP I was on the periphery of the group. I was feeling quite overwhelmed in my life but knew that AMP was part of the solution so I didn’t give up entirely — I just didn’t give it 100 percent.

So I took it again, this time with a clear focus on doing all the work fully.

In goal setting for 2014, my overall goal is to be more engaged in my life. And that life goal coincided perfectly with all of the assignments that were coming up in AMP.

I subsequently dove head first into the project and into my life and I’ve been enjoying it ever since.

I’m more engaged in my life, doing more than I ever have before, and I’m loving it. I’m happy. Feeling full. Satisfied. I am still learning but definitely feeling more abundant. More supported. More loved. More accepted.

I’ve changed so much about how I live my life since I became an Abundant Mama.

I’m doing a 20-minute meditation 5 to 7 days per week. I have mantras on little slips of paper that Shawn gave us as a print out that I put in my kitchen; I pull one out or a few out to ground me on difficult days. I set an intention daily.

I now fully recognize the Wow!’s in my life by writing one for each day. I refer to my Abundant Mama parenting toolbox on tough days when I’m feeling stressed or strained or burned out.

The positive rewards from joining this program have included feeling more abundant, supported and resourced. I feel like I can do this parenting thing!

I speak kinder, I yell less, I’m thinking more and reacting less. I’m grateful for the abundance and all the good in my life. I’m more self-confident.

And, my relationships are stronger, more positive and now based on love, communication and respect rather than bullying and coercion.

My husband says I am the center that holds this family together. I liken my role to the cruise ship director. This course and the benefits from it have resulted in my feeling more confident and able to do that role. And to ask for help when I need a break.

And, even better, my internal life — the chatter in my head — has become so much more positive, more proactive and has a much more engaged focus.

I am happier. And if I am happier, that is reflected in my family.

Katie is a mom of an active and imaginative 3 1/2-year-old little boy and a social and happy 1 1/2-year-old little girl. She loves to run, rock climb, read, and cross-stitch when she’s not spending time with her children and husband of eight years.



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