Last week, we set a new intention of just being grateful. Grateful for everything that crosses our paths, even those fleeting moments or fleeting beings that bring love and warmth for only a short time.

And then I showed you how to be Awesomely Thankful yourself each night by starting your own gratitude practice.

I want to continue this theme because it’s that important.

This week, we’re going to practice being Gratitude Goddesses.

A Gratitude Goddess practices being thankful in deeper ways than just writing a few words down on paper each night. She is thankful for all that she has in life and expects nothing more from anyone or anything. This means those random emotional shopping trips aren’t necessary anymore. This means those void-of-connection apps aren’t the meaning of life anymore. This means she doesn’t need Facebook bragging or Pinterest perfection running rampant on her computer screen because this right here — her life — is all that she needs.

She thanks her lucky stars everywhere she goes. In the car when she sees a double rainbow. In the garden when she sees random notes appear. In the mornings when the children rise early, just to see their faces once more.

Gratitude Goddesses also show others the importance of being thankful for what they have. They don’t bother with the Joneses because they are too busy forging their own path of authentic goodness. They are OK with the small house, the tiny yard, the beat-up but paid-off car. They are fine with the degree from that unknown school. They are OK with no fancy vacations because they just want to relax and be together. They are making up their own rules for their own life without fear or worries of what others think.

They are, and that’s all they need to be.

How about you? Are you a Gratitude Goddess? Will you join me in spreading the Gratitude Goddess goodness this week?

How are you enjoying what you have?

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