All over social media, I see jokes and memes about how people are proud of how they haven’t been showering or getting dressed during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

This, apparently, is a thing.

I get it.

During a stressful time, it’s normal to want to comfort yourself. It’s normal to fall out of routine and to feel overwhelmed and lost in the days blending together. It’s easy to forget that it’s Monday, no Tuesday. It’s easy to think there’s not much to get up and get dressed and get showered for since you aren’t leaving the house.

But what if this idea of self-comforting yourself and staying hidden is holding you back from feeling confident and feeling good about yourself?

Is it worth it then?

Is it possible you are self-comforting yourself too much?

I have worked from home and mothered for the better part of seven years.

Working from home AND parenting has gotten easier but it’s never been easy.

I am still torn in a million directions. I am still way behind on work and mediocre at mothering most of the time (mainly because right now I am learning to parent teenagers.)

But, never once did I consider not getting up early.

Never once did I consider not showering.

Never once did I consider not getting dressed in something that makes me feel really good. In fact, I’ve have changed out of my comfortable clothes for confidence clothes more than once.

Comfort is our default mode.


Staying safe and small in a little quiet bubble is our default mode to protect ourselves from the big, scary world.

And in times of stress we want comfort. A lot of it. And we’ll find it in all kinds of bad habits like drinking too much, eating too much, sleeping too much, watching Netflix too much, etc.

But is all that over-indulging for comfort’s sake a sustainable lifestyle?

Let’s not forget that as mothers our life has been kind of stressful for a long time. If anything, life has been a bit simpler lately for a mother’s work. Less driving around. Less spending money. Less fear of missing out.

It’s so easy to crawl under the blanket of comforting ourselves where it’s hard to climb out and return to normal living.

  • What if the goal isn’t just to survive today, though?
  • What if the goal is to SHINE today?
  • Would that change anything for you? Would it motivate you to get up and make different choices?

Self care is not a band-aid to apply just on a bad day or in a bad moment to comfort ourselves.

That is self-soothing.

I work with private coaching clients on finding your inner light so you can shine at home and in the world and that often means that we begin by creating self care systems that support YOU so you can thrive in your life no matter what life throws your way.

This kind of self-care leads to emotional resilience that takes effort but it’s the kind of “efforting” that brings about BIGGER results and feelings of pride and progress.

Sitting around un-showered and watching more shows is likely not making you feel real proud at the end of the day.

Taking care of yourself in a way that leaves you feeling lit up … that’s something to write in your gratitude journal at the end of the day.

Putting effort into these kinds of life-sustaining practices — and into your self-care — results in long-term gains.

And it’s worth every second that you take time to Be You, Finally™.

You simply have to believe that your personal wellness is worth it. You have to know that the hard work of showing up for yourself will pay off for you.

There is a time and place for comforting ourselves. But that needs to be just part of the landscape on the adventure to flourishing. It’s a rest stop on the journey. It’s not the destination.

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