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Motherhood is more than just dirty laundry and cleaning messes.

Wake up to the beauty around you.

This is it.

Your life flashing before you … during every diaper change, every load of laundry, every boo-boo and every homework battle.

You are so busy.

And yet you know there’s more to life — that being there alongside your kids is important.

There are just not enough hours in the day.

The Abundant Mama Project will give you those gentle nudges you need to open your eyes, pay attention to the little details of your life and focus on what matters so you can be a peaceful, playful and present mama.



This project is all about helping you redefine who you are now and discover the strong and calm mother you want to to be.

The Abundant Mama Project is a three-week experience that guides you on a journey of self discovery to figure out who you are now that you are a mother and what really is most important in your life. For three weeks, we take self-care time to do journaling prompts, real-life gratitude challenges and connect with a wonderful, supportive tribe of like-minded Mamas around the world who share the same stories of struggle, transformation and triumph.

Jennifer“By creating a gratitude practice and being an abundant mama, I realize that my full life is right here, right now waiting for me to enjoy it, live it and celebrate it … This course has given me so much.”

Jennifer from A Good Long Road

Raising children is hard work but that doesn’t mean it should take away from who we are as women.

In fact, this project is about just that — showing you new ways to see motherhood as a joyful, playful and happy experience — even if, yes, it’s painfully hard sometimes.

So if you ever feel any of the following, then you will benefit from joining The Abundant Mama Project and this online tribe of support and friendship.

  • You live on a very tight budget and long for things you cannot have.
  • You have very few resources or support as a parent, and you need a village that cares about you, your dreams and your fears.
  • You are worried about your future and uncertainty.
  • You want to feel hopeful again.
  • You get easily frustrated with your children and need greater balance and perspective.
  • You are a highly sensitive mom.
  • You want more magic, more zest from the life you have.
  • You are in the midst of a transition or transformation and need support and friendship.
  • You long to see the wow in your life.

The birth story of The Abundant Mama


The Abundant Mama Project began for me eight years ago when I felt extremely alone as a new mother of twin infants.People often ask me how I managed with twins. And I always respond with the same: With a lot of tears — mine and theirs.But, I didn’t stay in that place of darkness for long — even though my situation didn’t change. I found hope. And light. And happiness. All those lonely spaces inside of me were suddenly filled up.And I found it all inside of myself. I found it all by learning to mother myself. I found it all by implementing a series of really important tools that helped me transform my attitude, my family life and our home.

The Abundant Mama Village

We’ve all heard that proverb “It takes a village to raise a child.” But, not all of us have access to such a village. Motherhood can be a very scary and overwhelming experience.

Between lost identities, sleep deprivation, feeding challenges and loneliness, this is NOT the time for a mother to be alone.

The Abundant Mama Project IS that village for you whether you are a new mom with no help or an established mama who just values meaningful, trusting friendships.

Shannon-sm“If you are in the stage of Motherhood or life where you feel ungrounded, afloat and scattered, The Abundant Mama Project is the answer to finding your center again. The inspiration and hand holding are the perfect antidote and help you tap into that inner strength that has been there all along.”

Val Curtis, 2014 Abundant Mama and Founder of Bon Bon Break

How this project works

You will work in community — a village of mothers across the world — on the Abundant Mama principals:

Pillar One

Cultivate a Gratitude Practice

Pillar Two

Nurture your Inner Mama spirit

Pillar Three

Learn to Trust & Let Go

Pillar Four

Nourish your Playful side

Each week includes playful lessons and assignments to deepen your experience in life, thought-provoking, challenging journaling prompts that will open your eyes to the amazing wonders around you and really fun, meaningful activities to help you start to appreciate the life you have already in front of you.

The journal prompts are designed to get you thinking deeply about and appreciating the abundance in your life right now. And despite what you may think sometimes, there is a lot of goodness all around you. Your life is full of abundance. We’re going to open your eyes to that. I didn’t think I had much to be thankful for when I started this practice, but my eyes have been opened. My heart is bigger than ever for the grace I have discovered through a simple, easy daily practice.

Listen, I get it. You are busy. But this is something for you.

Just for you. This course is designed for busy, active parents who are ready to discover the good in days typically filled with crying children, sleepless nights and mounds upon mounds of to-do lists.

Abundant Mama alumni have said this project has helped them:

  • Tap into their amazing strengths.
  • Realize they ARE enough.
  • Create a more loving and peaceful family life by yelling less.
  • Learn to take care of themselves better.
  • Appreciate their busy, chaotic life more.
  • Understand they are not alone.
  • Realize when to Trust & Let go of life’s stresses.

Stop and rest and just be for a while in The Abundant Mama Project

Ready to make a transformation into the mother you want to be? Ready to let go, lighten up and have more fun?

If so, this three-week online experience includes the following:

  • Weekly lessons with inspiration, activities and journal prompts to encourage you to start a gratitude practice, create self-care practices, incorporate more fun into your days and learn when and what to let go so you feel lighter as you go about your day.
  • Fun, light-hearted challenges to help you fall back in love with your life.
  • Occasional prompts and challenges for the whole family and children to do together to practice gratitude and being more open to love and playful living.
  • A community of like-minded mothers who understand YOU.
  • A free printable day planner to help you plan your days better.

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