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Where exactly is your comfort zone?

Is it right there, where you are sitting right now? Is it your nice padded computer chair? Is it chasing little people instead of chasing your dreams? Is it cleaning the floors again?

I know where I’m comfortable. But I also know how to walk to that edge and push myself to take a big fat leap of faith.

Close your eyes. Just know that where you land may be beautiful, it may teach you new things. It will be OK. You’ll be OK.

It’s all in the baby steps. That Big thing you’re so worried about, well, it’s going to continue feeling big until you just do it. Get it over with.

Scratch it the hell off your list.

I know fear. I felt that way when I started Awesomely Awake. Or when I taught an art class to 50 Kindergarteners and I’m not even an artist or a teacher! I felt fear when I signed on to teach my first writing class even though nothing felt more right for me.

It’s not even the skill or the perfection to worry about … trying something new can be glorious and wonderful and amazing just for the sake of it. Even if it’s not ideal in the end.

Climb new mountains, travel new, overgrown paths, jump where no one has jumped before.

Go ahead, pet that dog you’re afraid to pet. Touch that tarantula.

Photo by Marina.

And then sit back and let your children try new things, too. Encourage them to leap into the air, jump off that big wall, push through the fear a bit more.

There is no better way to Wake Up in this life than trying something new, or like walking where you’ve never walked before or like listening to something you’ve never heard before. Stop worrying about the lack of money or the lack of time or the lack of interest.

This is your life. Your one chance.

Intentionally, mindfully step out of your comfort zone and go for it. Show your kids that you are willing to do that and watch them do the same. Show them how to be risk takers. Demonstrate your boldness. Model the magic and see the charm work on them as well.

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