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The lovely Patti Digh’s book, “Life Is a Verb: 37 Days to Wake Up, Be Mindful, and Live Intentionally,” is written and illustrated beautifully — all to provide one very profound statement.

We could all die at any moment.

It happened to her stepfather: diagnosed with lung cancer he was given only 37 days to live. Life is a Verb is about living life to its fullest, right here, right now.

So what about today?

Are you busy planning life or are you busy  living life? Are you thinking about next week, next month or next year or are you focused on TODAY?

Are you standing around waiting for the perfect moment to take that leap? Are you sitting around gathering all the right details for just the perfect moment to finally make that important decision that may change your life?

Are your children patiently waiting to play tomorrow or this weekend or do they want your attention RIGHT NOW?

Are you happy with what you did today? Is it enough for you?

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Let’s set this week’s intention together, shall we?

Let’s vow to start doing a whole lotta living. Let’s create memories instead of hoping for them. Let’s make them happen instead of sticking them on some to-do list that gets lost in the shuffle.

Let’s start taking an active, front-seat, wind-in-our-faces role in TODAY.

Let’s do less talk, and more WALK. {Unless talking and connecting is one of those things you need to do more of, of course!}

This weekly intention might manifest itself in different ways for different people. Some are already living more than others, I’m sure. What does it mean to you?

Less Pinning? Less Facebook? Less cleaning? Less worrying? Less doubt? Less fear?

More Yeses, perhaps?

It might mean getting up earlier.

It might mean staying up later.

It may mean packing a pair of extra shoes in the car, so you can’t use your heels as an excuse for why you can’t take that hike today after work.

It may mean slipping away from work for a day. It may mean skipping school, too.

It may mean chasing pink skies.

It may mean coming to a full stop and just enjoying life.

No matter what, I’m pretty sure that on my last day I won’t be wishing I waited around for life to happen more. And, of course, that’s not the idea behind Awesomely Awake. I started this project to LIVE more intentionally. Not just to be intentional. This is why I’ve already taken a personal vow to stop caring too much and start taking action on short-term projects — things that can be easily accomplished and crossed off this year.

Later this week, we’ll offer two posts to help you take hold of this intention with more thought and follow through so that you can make it work for you …

Mary Oliver knows.


Tell me, what memories need to be made in your life right now? What living should be done today? What dreams are sitting on a dark shelf in a dark closet waiting to be dusted off? Share here and set them free …

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