It’s not as simple as it used to be.

There are so many more expectations of us now than ever. And we put many more on ourselves as well.

We’re inundated with noise, distractions, goals, lists, things, activities and projects.

It also means we carry way more expectations for our children than ever, too.

With the world’s noise upon us, it can be really hard to stay focused on what matters, to know what is best for our families and ourselves.

Finding a REAL balance of living as a modern woman and being a mindful mother WHILE also taking care of ourselves and our homes is quite a feat.

And when it doesn’t happen, we feel angry, sad, disappointed, disgruntled and we enter the Land of Bitter and Sour rapidly.

All the women I have worked with in The Abundant Mama Project have struggled with the concept of balance between woman and mother, between career and family, between kids and marriage, between passions and chores.

And I tell them one thing: Balance is a daily practice that is very much like standing on a balance beam — lean too far in one direction and you’ll fall.

Abundant Mama’s are masters of being STRONG and CALM.

For me, though, the secret to finding balance is to put my practice of being an Abundant Mama first and foremost by putting my Mindful Motherhood Philosophy first and foremost.

What is a Mindful Motherhood Philosophy?

A Mindful Motherhood Philosophy is a guiding statement that you can rely on in busy times, challenging times, hopeful times and when you are feeling stuck and not sure which move to make next.

Much like setting an intention, your mindful motherhood philosophy sets the stage for what will guide all of your energy for the year.

Balance can be a sticking point for so many busy mothers. You think you don’t have time for all the good stuff — and then you find yourself dealing with “Fear of Missing Out” or burnout or overwhelm.

But you can do everything that matters — just not at one time. And the only way to get there is by choosing your crystal clear focus for living in the “right now” moment.

When we create an easy path for ourselves to listen for what is most important, we empower ourselves to live a more abundant life.


Vintage color abstract blurred bokeh with colorful heart symbol illustration.

My own motherhood philosophy: Slow down, wake up and find your happy place.

My philosophy came to me early.

When my girls were almost 3 years old, I started working full-time after being a stay-at-home mom for two years. Let’s face it: I had hardly had adult conversation beyond playground chatter at that point.

I felt lost and not sure what I needed. It was easy to look at everyone else “out there” in the real world, and see what they had and how they were living. It was easy to compare. To long for another life. To dream about things being different. To strive to be better, more and perfect.

It was easy to start pushing myself and my family to become something it wasn’t …

But none of that felt right.

And that’s when my Abundant Mama Philosophy came to me.

Achieve Balance With A Mindful Motherhood Philosophy

Slow down, wake up and find your happy place.

Of course, this philosophy has become a guiding light for this space and my online program that more than 800 women have gone through and used to transform their family lives. And it’s the driving force for every email you receive and every update on Facebook and social media.

I’m comfortable with this philosophy and I’m not sure I’ll ever need to change it. It’s always relevant. In all areas of my life — from the minute I wake up and see the stars and the moon, to the way my husband kisses me hello and good-bye and by the silly, strange and beautiful things my two daughters do and say each day.

Achieving balance with your own mindful motherhood philosophy

I believe in the power of words — and intentions.

That’s why I use a ton of mantras. It’s also why I set a daily, weekly and monthly intention.

Focusing our thoughts and energy into one direction is often the most powerful way to transform ourselves into busy and rushed to content and grounded.

How do you find your own one-liner to use?

What would life be like for you if you could carry a one-liner that works for you in your head day in and day out?

Each week, during the program, we’ll be adding more to your mindful motherhood philosophy. By the end of the program you will live and breathe your authentic values as a family.

Interested in learning how to create your own Mindful Motherhood Philosophy? I’ll walk you through the whole process. 

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