Motherhood is HARD.

Harder than you ever dreamed.

You never thought your child would cry this much or throw so many fits.

And the messes. Oh, the messes. And chaos. And clutter.

And you can’t seem to keep up with it all. 

Let alone find a few minutes for yourself to catch your breath and recharge.

And when you do finally get a few minutes, you don’t know what to do so you numb out on social media or addicting television or by overeating.

You’ve lost who you used to be and you aren’t sure who you are becoming.

That’s where The Abundant Mama Project steps in and helps you fit nourishing yourself — and your whole family — around the edges of your busy, crazy and beautiful life.

Mothering from a place of overwhelm and exhaustion leads to yelling, resentment and, ultimately, feeling you are not good enough at anything, especially motherhood.

It’s hard to feel like a good mom when you are stuck in survival mode.

Feeling stuck and unable to care for yourself the way you need to be — because of lack of time, money or support — can send you straight to the Land of Bitter and Sour.

And that is NO place to spend this beautiful motherhood experience unfolding for you right now.

You need to get your joy back — and this Project helps you do just that.

The Abundant Mama Project has impacted my family by helping us find gratitude in all we have and do. It has helped us to accept and hold space for each member and their unique personalities. It has given giving me permission to take time for myself – to discover my values, needs and passions. It has helped me realize that by taking time to do the things that I need and love, I am a kinder, calmer, mindful and more playful mom and wife.

Carissa Yount

Inside The Abundant Mama Project we help you do just that by teaching you the 4 Pillars of Being an Abundant Mama:

  • We inspire you to be present and intentional so you can find the beauty and goodness in your family and life as it is right now — without changing anything.
  • We help you set priorities for how you will spend your time, addressing the chaos of motherhood from a place of strength, calm and peace.
  • We show you how to trust and honor who you are as a woman and mother and help you accept and feel really good about where you are in your life right now.
  • We encourage you to be playful and creative in how you make space for yourself and take care of needs so you feel motivated, positive and excited about your family life and future.
  • We give you a safe space to feel heard, understood and supported within a community of women where you can share your heart and ask for advice from other highly sensitive moms who get you.

Pillar One

Cultivate a Gratitude Practice

Pillar Two

Nurture your Inner Mama spirit

Pillar Three

Learn to Trust & Let Go

Pillar Four

Nourish your Playful side

The Abundant Mama Project & Peace Circle is all about helping you thrive by tapping into that joyful energy you need for motherhood again — for life again.

It’s about showing you how to be calm, peaceful and resilient in really challenging times.

The Project will give you the self-confidence you need to finally believe that you ARE enough, you do enough and you have enough.

It will help you feel whole and connected to your family and to the world without feeling exhausted afterward.

The project offers you practical tools and tips to give you the energy you need to sustain your JOY through challenging, messy and chaotic moments of motherhood so you can bounce back more quickly and easily when a child or life throws a curveball your way.

And you will know that you are not alone in this journey.

When you do the work and implement the four pillars of being an Abundant Mama, you will experience more contentment, more joy and, in turn, be more present and peaceful in your motherhood journey.

a thriving family takes effort.

We make you think -- deeply.

We are a community of highly sensitive, introverted moms. Thinking is our jam. We give you the deepest, most soulful questions we can offer to get your brain working in a new way. Shifting your perspective to see things in a new light is a powerful way to zoom out and see the beauty in your life — and inside of you.

We do this through community.

AMP has been and always will be about community. No joke. We live and breathe the mantra — you are not alone in this. You. are. not. alone. Not when you are with us. And now the community experience is going to be STELLAR in all new ways. More on this down a bit.

We help you design motherhood YOUR way.

We teach you practical and simple tools to feel you feel more alive and present in your life, more nourished in mind, body and spirit and more playful at home when you need to be. You will discover who you are now as a mother and the woman you are becoming.

The Abundant Mama Project and the Peace Circle have brought me openness, friendship, camaraderie, and a deeper understanding of myself and those in my family. Shawn’s work brings out the best in me, allows me to be vulnerable and open in a way I could not have before, and I feel I am a more aligned and authentic mother, wife, sister, daughter, and friend than ever before – and each year gets better.

AMP amped up my life by providing a safe haven for the kind of intimate connection with other women and moms I have always wanted, and so much more. I am so extremely grateful, and I’m seeing the effects of such gratitude in every area of my life.

Rani Jayakumar

In The Abundant Mama Project, you will feel seen and heard — and understood.

Your dream of living a simple life full of EASE will be at the top of your mind.

We help you put joy and delight at the top of the schedule each day so you can be the present, peaceful and playful mama you want to be.

And you will never be alone. Our sisterhood of highly sensitive mamas understands what it’s like to feel overwhelmed by the mess and the clutter and the noise.

I designed the practices in this program when I felt so overwhelmed by the chaos, uncertainty and messiness of motherhood and because I felt so absolutely lonely in my journey.

Since then I’ve taught the program more than 13 times with more than 1,500 women going through over the past six years.

I am a family wellness coach who specializes in the highly sensitive, introverted mother who needs to feel a sense of calm and peace in her world to function at her highest capacity.

Our mission is to help you find the beauty in who you are and in the family life you have created so that you can tap into the abundance of your life as it is right now without changing a thing about yourself or your children.

The Abundant Mama Project is for you if you are ready to feel genuine gratitude for your life, regardless of your circumstances, and draw abundance into your life as a woman and mother.

If you feel a sense of urgency to nourish your highly sensitive mama self — your way — around the edges of your busy, chaotic life.

It’s for you if you could use comfort during difficult moments, and help moving through them with a positive and uplifting direction.

You are ready to get your questions answered by women who encourage you to find what’s right for you. There is no cookie cutter approach to motherhood — there is only what works for you. We help you figure out what nourishing self-care practices will work best for you.

If you’ve been trying to piece together solutions to be more peaceful, present and playful, it could be that doing it on your own isn’t working.

There is so much conflicting advice on how to be a positive mother.

Finding the answers to all of that can be very noisy and distracting — only adding to your overwhelm.

But what no one tells you is that all those magic bullets you are coming across online meant to help you be a “good mom” are only making you feel worse about yourself and your mothering skills.

It’s time to let all that go.

It’s time to trust yourself.

It’s time to mother from a place of EASE and JOY.

And in our Abundant Mama Community you can do this with highly sensitive moms like you — who want to be intentional and peaceful and who also know the value of taking really good care of themselves, too.

Because we can’t afford to not take care of ourselves while the overwhelm, chaos and noise consumes us and takes over more and more each day.

Eventually, we burst. We explode. We melt down. We lose it.

And that’s not the mother we want to be.

Our children need us to be grounded and strong for them — so we can be their safe place to fall apart and be themselves.

Being a highly sensitive mother isn’t easy. We take on so much of our children’s emotions and feelings. We love them so much, we want them to be happy and thriving. We are invested in their well-being.

But we can’t help them if we don’t first get ourselves into a place of CALM & STRONG.

To do that, we have to take OUR well-being just as seriously.

That’s why we created this program to help moms thrive … to be present, peaceful and playful.



Instant access to the 3-week program you’ve been waiting and wanting to experience.

INSTANT means as soon as you register you will begin your Abundant Mama Journey. No more waiting for a few weeks to start.


Two full months (60 days) to work through the project on your own and at your own pace --

and you’ll still get support through those 60 days from our AMP team. Because, life happens. LIFE. Happens. We get it. Believe us. We want you to feel space, ease and joy — and not rushed.


Blissful Abundant Mama Wisdom & Community.

Holy wow, will you get community. Our new classroom and forum — held inside the blissful Peace Circle — gives you so many ways to correspond and make friendships. And since we’re nearly all highly sensitive and introverted, you WILL find your people.

AMP has impacted my family by helping me become a better version of myself, a better mother and partner to my husband. I am more patient and present with my family because of AMP.

AMP has transformed my life by awakening me to the joy and beauty that surrounds me daily. Before AMP, I lived on autopilot, often numbing out by shopping or scrolling online. After AMP, I take time to tune in … to notice the beauty of a sunset or a penny on the sidewalk bringing good luck wishes. I have learned how to be truly grateful for the abundance in this world through AMP, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

I am also truly grateful for the Peace Circle, for having a support community of women on my team who inspire me daily.

Christy Sprotte

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