Motherhood often feels like a race against the clock. Time is slipping by … 

But what if you could slow time down a bit?

These are the days to cherish. 

These are the days to nourish yourself — and your family.

These are the days to focus on what matters because these are the days that matter most.

Dear one — I am going to show you how to fall deeply in love with motherhood, again. 

I’ve led hundreds of mamas around the world on this very path of feeling like an Abundant Mama … a path where you will gain more energy, more self-compassion, more joy and more love for yourself and your family. 

Mothering from a place of overwhelm, scarcity and exhaustion leads to yelling, resentment and, ultimately, feeling you are not good enough at anything, especially motherhood.

In fact, it’s really hard to feel like a good mom when you are stuck in survival mode.

Feeling stuck and unable to care for yourself the way you need to be — because of lack of time, money or support — can send you straight to the Land of Bitter and Sour.

And that is NO place to spend this beautiful motherhood experience unfolding for you right now.

You need to get your joy back.


Sign up now for The Abundant Mama Mama Reset — a 30-Day online challenge is filled with practical lessons, journaling prompts and creative exercises helps you do just that.

The Abundant Mama Project has impacted my family by helping us find gratitude in all we have and do. It has helped us to accept and hold space for each member and their unique personalities. It has given giving me permission to take time for myself – to discover my values, needs and passions. It has helped me realize that by taking time to do the things that I need and love, I am a kinder, calmer, mindful and more playful mom and wife.

Carissa Yount

Grab a cup of tea. your favorite journal. let’s get to work. here’s what you can expect from the abundant mama mama reset program …

  • Tons of inspiration to stop, breathe and get grounded and more intentional in your busy life so you can find the beauty and goodness in the chaos of family life as it is right now — without changing anything.
  • Dozens of Practical Tools that give you the motivation you need to finally set priorities for how you will spend your time, addressing the chaos of motherhood from a place of strength, calm and peace.
  • The confidence you need to trust yourself as woman and mother and help you accept and feel really good about where you are in your life right now.
  • Motivation to invite more wildness and play into your everyday life so you make space for yourself and take care of needs so you feel motivated, positive and excited about your family life and future.
  • Refreshing creative exercises to rediscover who you are and the mother you are becoming by encouraging you to open your eyes to the possibilities that are before you.

Pillar One

Cultivate an Abundance Mindset

Pillar Two

Nurture yourself.

Pillar Three

Learn to Trust & Let Go

Pillar Four

Nourish your Playful side

The Abundant Mama Reset helps you tap into that joyful, passionate energy you need for motherhood again — for life again.

It’s about showing you how to be calm, peaceful and resilient in really challenging times.

The program will give you the self-confidence you need to finally believe that your life — and your family — is enough.

It will help you feel whole and connected to your family and to the world without feeling exhausted afterward.

The program offers you practical tools and tips to give you the energy you need to sustain your JOY through challenging, messy and chaotic moments of motherhood so you can bounce back more quickly and easily when a child or life throws a curveball your way.

When you do the work and implement all four pillars of The Abundant Mama Reset, you will begin to experience more contentment, more joy and, in turn, be more present and peaceful in your motherhood journey.

you are enough. you have enough. you do enough. it’s now time you start believing that.

Get Ready. Get Set. And, Let's Reset!

This program offers offer you fun and powerful life coaching questions to bring a spark back to your life. Shifting your perspective to see things in a new light is a powerful way to zoom out and see the beauty in your life — and inside of you. Each lesson will help you climb out of the mess and chaos that is around you and lead you to a place of clear-thinking and positive growth.

We do this through self-discovery.

The Abundant Mama Reset has been and always will be about YOUR self-discovery. I want you to focus on who you are right now — not who you used to be. And I want you to step into your power of the mother and woman you are becoming. This is how you will show up and love your life more fully. This is how you will dig out from the rubble of motherhood and find your true self.

We help you design motherhood YOUR way.

I teach you practical and simple tools to feel you feel more alive and present in your life, more nourished in mind, body and spirit and more playful at home when you need to be. You will feel empowered to finally LIVE motherhood YOUR way. Being fully yourself in your role as a mother brings zest and joy back to your days.

The Abundant Mama Project has brought me openness, friendship, camaraderie, and a deeper understanding of myself and those in my family. Shawn’s work brings out the best in me, allows me to be vulnerable and open in a way I could not have before, and I feel I am a more aligned and authentic mother, wife, sister, daughter, and friend than ever before – and each year gets better.

AMP amped up my life by providing a safe haven for the kind of intimate connection with other women and moms I have always wanted, and so much more. I am so extremely grateful, and I’m seeing the effects of such gratitude in every area of my life.

Rani Jayakumar

The Abundant Mama reset Online program will help you fall back in love with motherhood.

Your dream of living a simple life full of EASE will be at the top of your mind.

The Abundant Mama Reset will help you put joy and delight at the top of the schedule each day so you can be the present, peaceful and playful mama you want to be.

Each lesson is ideal for a highly sensitive woman who is often overwhelmed by the stress, noise, mess and constant chaos that goes right along with motherhood.

The lessons and tools offered in this program are a fusion of standard life coaching, mindfulness and positive psychology strategies — as well as some of my own Family Wellness Coaching Method™ practices.

I’ve offered this program to more than 3,000 women over the years. Now, it’s your turn. This self-study course is designed to fit your lifestyle as a mom.

The Abundant Mama Reset empowers you to take the time you need for YOU — so that you can fall back in love with your life. Grab a cup of coffee or tea and find a quiet space to just dig into who you are right now and what you need. Each lesson is designed to help you sink further into your authentic self.

I am a family wellness coach who empowers women who are ready to bring whole-being happiness and wellness to themselves — and their families. I specialize in coaching the highly sensitive mother who needs to feel a sense of calm and peace in her world to function at her highest capacity.

The mission of this Reset is to help you stop, breathe and reset to fall back in love with motherhood. The lessons help you find the beauty in who you are and in the family you have created so you can tap into the abundance of your life as it is right now.

The Abundant Mama Reset is for you if you are ready to feel genuine gratitude for your life, regardless of your circumstances, and draw abundance into your life as a woman and mother.

This reset is for you if …

You feel a sense of urgency to nourish yourself — your way — around the edges of your busy, chaotic life.

You need new strategies to use to bring comfort to yourself during challenging moments, and to help you move through those moments with a more ease.

You are ready to trust yourself enough to know what’s right for you and your family. There is no cookie cutter approach to motherhood — there is only what works for you. This Home Study Program helps you figure out what nourishing family wellness practices will work best for you.

You’ve been trying to piece together solutions to be more peaceful, present and playful, but all the mainstream parenting advice is not working.

Ready to learn new strategies to care more deeply for yourself — and your family?

Ready to finally feel like you are a good mom?

Ready to fall back in love with motherhood? 

Your Investment … $149.


My mission with The Abundant Mama Reset is to help you regroup and tap into your calm and peaceful center while also taking really good care of yourself.

This big, sweet pause the RESET encourages in your life is meant to help you step back and see the beauty unfolding all around you in these chaotic days.

You deserve to pause.

You deserce to take a step back.

You deserve to make space for YOU.

So you can be the mother you want to be.

The Abundant Mama Reset is going guide you along … gently, powerfully.

Sign up now.



Partipants receive access to 10 Calming & Grounding Mama Reset Audio Lessons + Printable Workbook filled with the wisdom, meditations and inspiration you need to begin your Reset.

INSTANT means as soon as you are registered you will be emailed the workbook + the first audio lesson for the work of the Abundant Mama Reset.


Motivational Emails to Help you Get Unstuck and Keep You GOING

As part of the Abundant Mama Reset, you will also get special bonus emails on each lesson that we know get rather sticky for busy moms and we’ll give you some best practices and ideas to use along the way. You will receive 10 daily emails to keep you focused on the Reset.


30-Day Motivational Challenge (offered January 2020, July 2020, November 2020)

Once you begin to do the work of the reset, you’re going to want support, accountability and motivation to DO the work. The 30-Day Challenge provides you with additional motivation to use and implement the Reset work all month long while in community with others. Your hard work may pay off in a prize or two as well.

Your investment … $149.

This program has impacted my family by helping me become a better version of myself, a better mother and partner to my husband. I am more patient and present with my family because of The Abundant Mama Project (AMP).

AMP has transformed my life by awakening me to the joy and beauty that surrounds me daily. Before AMP, I lived on autopilot, often numbing out by shopping or scrolling online. After AMP, I take time to tune in … to notice the beauty of a sunset or a penny on the sidewalk bringing good luck wishes. I have learned how to be truly grateful for the abundance in this world through AMP, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Christy Sprotte

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