Don’t let YOUR life slip by another day …

Without LIVING the way YOU want to live, feeling the way YOU want to feel and loving the way YOU want to love.

You are tired.

TIRED of spending more time on the little fires that pop up in your life every day.

TIRED of spending more time on the urgent messes and deadlines of daily living.

TIRED of putting your dreams last on your list. 

You crave time for what matters.

LIKE fun family memories and nourishing self-care that fills you up and keeps you energized.

LIKE balance, even though you know that is a fantasy.

LIKE no longer feeling torn in a million directions.

You want to rest more.

Play more.

Take more adventures.

Get outside more.

Move more. 

You want to set down your load more.

You want to feel ease.

I hear you, completely.

For a long time, I was following all the greatest productivity and time management tips on how I could finally get things done.

My list was long. The days were short.

And life just kept hitting me hard. One obstacle after another would strike and I would find myself back to zero, wondering what I needed to do next.

Life is a series of emergencies unless we have a clear vision of what is most important and most necessary for our well-being.

Better planners aren’t the answer. 

They only overwhelm us further by telling us ALL the space we have to do ALL the things.

Time management strategies will only get us so far.

Most of the time we don’t actually need to DO more.

We need to do less.

But what can be cut out? What can be edited out of our lives without things falling apart?

What I soon realized — many planners later — is that my issue wasn’t the type of planner or how to fit in MORE.

It was how to do what I wanted to do for ME. For my family. THAT is all that mattered.

What I needed was to be more successful and more impactful in my life was a system to help me prioritize my endless goals and dreams and tasks.

But who can afford a life coach every day of the year?

What if you finally knew how to coach yourself into reaching your dreams?

What if you could artfully create the kind of daily and weekly schedule that creates space and time for what needs to be done — but also for what you DEEPLY DESIRE?

What if you had the chance to sit back and really take stock of everything that is working — and intenionally release the rest?

Enter Abundant Mama Life Audit … a unique life planning program that uses life coaching strategies for busy women like you who want to get serious about living life YOUR way.

I created the idea for my Abundant Mama Life Audit Self-Coaching Program several years ago. I had been sitting for hours in a two-day strategic planning session for a non-profit and we were assessing all the inner workings of the organization.

And I realized that I could apply that same strategic process to MY life.

The Abundant Mama Life Audit is brand new way to assess your life and develop a new method for how you will spend your time, your energy and your resources — without hiring a life coach.

And, bonus! No more wasted money on planners you will ditch by July.

No more wasted time trying to perfect the perfect time management system that works for about a week.

The self-coaching strategies and goal setting systems you will learn during your Abundant Mama Life Audit experience will take your self-care, family wellness and life goals to a whole new level of YES.

Say goodbye to being scattered and exhausted.

Say hello to being peacefully productive and living joyfully.

Ready to Live More Fully Right Now?

The Abundant Mama Life Audit Program will help you:

Identify the areas of your life that are thriving -- and the ones that you are just surviving in.

Set clear goals and intentions for your life that actually feel doable and possible.

Create a plan of action to make sure you are truly living a balanced life every single week.

Develop a system to LIVE your best life each day based on actual self-coaching strategies.

Dig Deep and Tackle Your fears around a big goal you have for the upcoming year.

AND -- learn my SECRET SAUCE method to actually setting goals AND mastering them. Seriously. This is a game-changer for anyone who is so tired of setting goals and not sticking to them.

As a life coach and mindfulness expert who specializes in family wellness, I empower women who long to live a more intentional, purposeful life to create the life they actually want — rather than waiting for it to happen.

My work is at the intersection of being mindful, living to the fullest and being peacefully productive so you get done what needs done — while also having time and space for pleasure and delight in your life.

What you’ll get out of this six-week self-coaching program:

This strategic self-coaching system is designed for busy woman like you to visualize your ideal future while making space for your present. It helps you create an annual coaching system to discover what’s working and edit out what’s not — all year long. It helps you set clear and focused intentions and goals that are aligned with the authentic life you crave. Say goodbye to false starts, abandoned goals and overwhelm. Say hello to the soulful living that feels right for you and your family.

The Abundant Mama Life Audit provides the structure, system and materials you need to assess your life from top to bottom while helping you implement intentions and goals that YOU choose. Life Audit is about you being able to influence your world — rather than the world influencing you.

I know what it’s like to feel like you are spinning and out of control and have ZERO time for anything beyond the urgent.

You want more time for connection — to yourself, to your loved ones and to your passions in life. The Abundant Mama Life Audit program will show you how to create the space and time for what matters most to you. 

And the best part is that you will coach yourself — on your time and when it’s right for you so you can start influencing YOUR world, rather than letting the world influence you.

Your life is here for the taking.

The days are long but the years are short.

It’s time to be the leading lady of your life.

The Abundant Mama Life Audit will give you the self-coaching strategies you need to live YOUR dreams out loud.


Through a combination of meditation, visualization and life coaching prompts, you will gain a CLEAR picture of what it is you REALLY want in your life and WHY. Each lesson is designed to give you clarity about what matters most to you — and how to get there.

Dig Deep & Edit

Using soulful exploration into your inner most self, you will gain clarity on how to design your ideal work and family life — and edit out what is not working so you have more time for your big dreams and goals..

Take Action

With balance as your journey’s guide, you will set reasonable, clear expectations and deadlines for yourself that keep you motivated AND inspired along the way.

“ I have made some big changes in my life — including leaving my full-time job — as a result of doing the Abundant Mama Life Audit coursework, in order to live more in line with the life I want for myself and my family. More than anything, this program empowered me to believe that I really am capable of manifesting the life I want for myself!”

Hillary H.

“This course really helped me clarify the entire vision I wanted for my life, laying the foundation for goals and dreams in areas such as work, family, relationships, and self. Because of this course, I know that I have the power, as well as the required desire, to make the necessary changes to succeed at reaching my goals.”

Amy P.

Is the Abundant Mama Life Audit Right for you?

For six weeks, you will receive a downloadable document filled with life-coaching strategies to help you reflect on your current life, assess it and visualize and plan out the upcoming year. In each module, you will be given a clear and easy method of coaching yourself through your dreams and goals.

MODULE ONE — CLARITY –> Create a CLEAR Vision for what you really want, how you really want to spend your time and you really want to do at work and at home.

MODULE TWO — SETTING BRAVE GOALS –> Set realistic, life-affirming goals designed to amplify joy in your work or business, in relationships and your personal dreams.

MODULE THREE — CREATE NEW DAILY SYSTEMS –> Develop a daily motivation system that puts your intentional dreams and goals first and foremost.

MODULE FOUR — STEP INTO YOUR POWER –> Discover what’s holding you back from achieving BIG life goals and intentions and create a path forward to reach them anyway.

MODULE FIVE — SECRET SAUCE TO SUCCESS –> Learn the ONE BEST strategy to make sure you are leaning into ALL the areas of your life you want to excel in. The magic bullet of all time management strategies.

MODULE SIX — POWER MOVES –> Put all the pieces into action so that you can move into the new year feeling confident and ready to live your best year yet.

LIMITED TIME: Sign up before Nov. 30 and get these special bonuses below.

Download a copy of the popular 2019 Your Abundant Mama Year Workbook. Filled with prompts to help you reflect on this year and focus on the next all around who you are as a mom and how you care for yourself  as a mom. 

Instantly get access to this multi-workshop webinar series all around helping you not only PLAN your ideal day — but how to make it happen without fail. We address setbacks and life’s challenges that make it hard to do what you say you’re going to do as well. 

Take a day to do a little monthly planning with this workbook designed for the perfect self-care date with yourself. Look ahead and really envision how the month will flow as you want it to flow — thinking long and hard about your Life Audit goals and intentions all year long. 

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