Some days, life just takes over and it’s easy to look at the landscape of your life and think … there’s just NO time for me today. There’s just no time for MY dreams or my goals today.

And, in our community of mothers, this may very well be true.

Between running children from here to there, meeting urgent deadlines, taking care of household and family needs and, well, LIFE … there may not be more than 10 minutes to do anything more than breathe.

And yet … that might be ALL you need to tackle that side hustle or creative project — or just to take a few minutes for yourself.

We all strongly believe we don’t have enough time for the things we want to do. But the truth is that we need to make those things fit into the time we have.

A Simple Strategy to Find the Energy You Need to Get Things Done

When I really want to do something for ME but there is just NO time for it, I first recognize that I’m trying to do more than I possibly can. That my life is too busy to fit it all in. And then, I set a dream goal intention for the day that reminds me that my dream is important and I am worthy of taking time for it — but the intention is small and doable so that I keep making progress. Even if it’s only a small bit of progress!

What is a dream goal intention?

An intention is a declaration or statement that you make to yourself — or to someone else — that you intend to follow through on.

A dream goal intention is an intention around a passion project you have in your life Perhaps it’s to exercise and get more movement so you can be healthier. A dream goal intention would be to say … Today I will spend 10 minutes walking up and down the stairs while listening to a podcast.

Another example of a dream goal intention is to start painting. Rather than hoping for a couple of hours, your dream goal intention would be … Today I will spend 10 minutes prepping my space to paint on a canvas tomorrow.

These itty bitty steps make us feel more productive and closer to our goals.
And even if you don’t have a goal or a purpose yet beyond motherhood or even a dead-end job, you can still create a dream intention to dig deeper and learn more about yourself. A dream goal intention for that would be … Today I will journal for 10 minutes to figure out more about what I need to do to make a change.


Your dream goal intention needs to be written down in order to be effective. Out of sight, out of mind does apply.


To create your dream goal daily intention, simply:

  • Wake Up and take a few deep breaths.
  • Ask yourself what you need to make space for in your day — for only 10 minutes.
  • And then create an intention around that need or desire that gives you permission to make space for it.
  • Write that intention down on a sticky note and keep it close and visible.

By setting that clear intention, you are telling your brain and body that this is important and you need to make it happen.

And by permitting yourself to spend only 10 minutes, you are setting yourself up for success. We can always find 10 minutes. We can’t always find that elusive hour or two.

This dream goal intention isn’t a magic bullet.

Once you write it — you have to have the ambition to make it happen. That’s where your practice of mindfulness and being present comes in handy — to make sure you aren’t running away with the daily emergencies that will pop up.

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