In an ideal world, we’re all chugging along with clean houses, perfect children and organized pantries — and nailing every single deadline.

And then there’s reality that is so far from perfect it’s not even funny.

Nearly every single one of my coaching clients come to me to feel happier and be more productive.

They want to master the art of being and doing, which is the work that we’re doing a lot of inside my group coaching community and certainly a big part of my private 1:1 coaching as well.

This kind of living — that straddles doing and being masterfully — gives us that sense of balance that we are seeking.

Sometimes we lean more into doing.

And other times we lean more into being.

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And this is what I am masterful at in my private coaching — helping a busy woman find that sweet spot where she can intentional and present AND care for herself and her life.

Honestly, there are many things we need to do and want to do and those things matter greatly. In fact, they are just as important to our self-care and happiness as anything else.

But, there are times to just be. There are less productive ways to spend our time in a chaotic family life and being together is vital.

So no matter how hard you work during the way, or how many hours you are gone, use your family time for connection and intentional relationship building.

It matters.

Your attention and intention at home matters.

When we just let the routine and order fall to the wayside for an evening and connect with our family, we see immediate benefits like better behaved children, stronger relationships and happier kiddos.

And, for me, I almost always go to bed with a long list of things to be grateful for and a smile on my lips when I’ve leaned in and been more present and intentional with my children.

To me, this is the magic potion for happy days.

It’s amazing how many ridiculous, unimportant things we put on our daily to-do lists before what truly matters most.

Let’s refocus for a minute and put our energy into what matters most.

The important things.

The things that we hope, dream and wish we could do each day with our children while they are still with us, while they are still young enough to want our time and attention.

A while ago, I shared a different type of to-do list. Not just any to-do list but a Parenting from the Heart to-do list.

Here’s that list in visual aid form:


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